It’s Christmas! Almost…

December 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Christmas greetings World 22!

It’s only 5 days to Christmas and we have had an eventful week. We saw the end of possibly the shortest war ever and we saw the ex-fastest nobler quit.

Yes, the $CoD$ vs NN war came to an end on December the 13th after only 19 days. I couldn’t find any recent stats (sorry) so the only stats I could find were those from the 10th.
Side 1:
Tribes: $CoD$
Side 2:
Tribes: NN

Timeframe: 26/11/2010 21:08:00 to 10/12/2010 16:07:33

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 577
Side 2: 11
Difference: 566

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 5,667,300
Side 2: 106,665
Difference: 5,560,635

Also that day Mrloudcar quit, causing NN to disband and ending the war. It seemed his time had come, or he had realized crossing $CoD$ was a bad idea. Nevertheless he is finished and it’s only a matter of time till his villages are nobled up.

I was personally surprised when $CoD$ declared war. They were getting pummeled by XXXX and I thought that another war might kill them. They proved me wrong, this new regime is obviously working. With some clever diplomacy and recruitment they could start to challenge and push back XXXX not just defend.

Well, now that W22 is shaping up nicely, I want to take you back to a long, long time ago. This week I have interviewed The Lewder.

Ultimatum X: So we often see you popping in and out on these forums, why don’t you visit regularly?

The Lewder: I don’t really have the time to be regularly visiting these forums. And after the dchogs incident and being on the edge of one of the autobans, I’m really careful about posting anything slightly off-topic. Not to mention I often find these forums rather inactive and the only time they’re active is when it’s filled with XXXX vs. $CoD$ ego lengthening. I honestly find a lot of the arguing here petty rather than exciting debates.

Ultimatum X: So how did you come to W22, and what is your story?

The Lewder: I joined World 22 about 2.5 years ago (July 2008) during a low point in my life (in the recent times). I joined several worlds at once, but this was my main one. I went quite well here, joining several tribes in K14. In mid-September I joined the forums, but I really became vocal in mid October or so. I was kind of like the annoying spammer who would never go away, constantly poking ‘the enemy’ VS. regardless of whether I was in RRA or A*S. Everyone hated me at that point in time, generally because what I was spouting out was quite pointless and predicted a VS. ‘collapse’, and I really didn’t have a large village collection so I looked out of my depth.
When VS. declared on A*S, Christmas was near and I got nobled out quickly so hit delete and tried to save face as quickly as possible. Soon after, my whole collapse theory about VS. came true. I proceeded to beat up the issue like crazy and spammed the hell out of the forums.
From here I played an active role in the PnP, yet only had a small account for communication purposes, while I played in another world under an alias. Over time my role in the PnP died down as I lost interest in the world, and rapidly after the dchogs incident.

Since ‘leaving’ (or attempting to) back in September 2009, I’ve never really had much of an active role in the PnP of W22, preferring to stick to OT and randomly spamming.

Ultimatum X: What do you think about the current situation of the world?

The Lewder: I’ve just been looking at the stats over the last little while, and $CoD$’s performance is simply appalling. And maybe BDeath is dead, but they’re doing nothing of note to $CoD$ at the current time and are getting walked over by SLW. Quite honestly they need to do far better. Then again, XXXX is pulling more than its weight. It might just be recent times in regards to BDeath, but we’ve seen this trend in the XXXX vs. $CoD$ stats to various degrees in the last 9 months.
And on the note of all these small tribes hanging around, it’s really quite overly optimistic to think that they will have much influence. Even if we combined all the other ‘non-aligned’ tribes together (aside from BRKDA and BDeath) they still wouldn’t be able to stand up to XXXX. Really the non-aligned tribes are going to be XXXX’s desert to be eaten sometime in 2011/2012.

Ultimatum X: What do you predict will happen with the world?

The Lewder: I expect the world to end in 2011. Despite (at the current nobling rate) it looking like it will take until Christmas 2017 to noble out $CoD$ entirely, inactivity will take its toll along with other internal issues, people leaving the tribe etc. Once $CoD$ is gone however, I will be interested to see what happens, because I’m not that knowledgeable on XXXX’s diplomacy and whether they’re focused on nobling out the opposition or doing a family/merger thing just so we don’t have to sit through several months of former friends nobling each other.

Ultimatum X: Do you intend to make a comeback at all?

The Lewder: At this point in time I have no intention of ever playing TW again. Joining Beta was a ‘mistake’ in a way, but aside from my brief time there I had not played TW since September 2009. Aside from maybe going into a fun premade if the timing is right, I have no intention of playing TW. I might have even forgotten my password, lol.

Ultimatum X: What was your favourite point/part of W22?

The Lewder: The PnP arguments and interesting debates by far, along with all the spam. I never really had a favourite part in a way IG, I was kind of a noob during my time on this world. :p

Finally, i’d just like to say that W22 blog count may be cut down from 4 a month (lol) to 2 a month as i’m taking the position for another world too. Which means the next blog might be in the new year.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Simon shh