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October 8, 2010 in World 040 News

Hi everybody welcome to my first blog for world 40! Every week I will be updating you all with important information on what is going on in the world which could include stats, maps, interviews, polls and more! I am always open to suggestions so please feel free to ask. So here we go.

What Happened With Kata and the UN W40 Family?

Below is the message iain697 sent to UN W40 members when the alliance fell apart, click the message spoiler to read it.

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Between bad diplomatic practices, ignoring rules set by each tribe, constant bickering over who can noble where, who they should war together and who they can recruit, things just didn’t last between Kata and UN W40 Family. As -CorE- mentioned in the externals there were some respectable members in UN W40 who helped keep diplomatic relations civil and kept Kata from deciding to war against their ally sooner.

-CorE- states in the forums that they are their own tribe and that even though UN W40 were their allies they had no right trying to tell them who to fight. This problem, mostly concerning NMS because UN W40 wanted Kata to help them beat out NMS, but kata refused.

Nobling rules were broken…Kata nobled in UN W40 area….UN W40 attacked Kata members without permission from their council. UN W40 recruited war spoils from Kata without permission and Kata vice versa…it all just led up to the end of the relationship.

Important issues between the allies were ignored and without proper communication and effort the two couldn’t work it out together. A culmination of all these things lead to Kata declaring on UN W40. It also just so happened that UN W40 was already warring NMS, the CB family and Deathx. Now we can’t say this is the best situation for UN W40 but in all consideration they are doing fairly well considering how many tribes are against them and the difference in points/player/village ratios.


The statistics since the start of Kata officially attacking UN W40 family are still growing but this is what there is so far…

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On a side note here are the stats of all the tribes fighting UN W40 against them since Kata started attacking back…

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Here is a small look at the map of Kata vs. UN W40 family below:

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This second map below shows all the coalition vs. UN W40 family.

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Take a look at the points/villages/players difference between UN W40 Family and the Coalition below:

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The statistics above were calculated  23:15:01 07/10/2010 and do not include new changes since.

So as shown above UN W40 is a little under half the size of the coalition against them in terms of points/villages/players. Even under the pressure of a threat much larger than them they are holding ground. As I started earlier it is still too early to determine any outcome for this war, but it is indeed going to be an interesting one.

Maps For the World

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Kataklysmic This!

Have the true ops started from Kata? Here is an interview with two of the leaders of Kata, -CorE- and Phoenix2050, where I ask them questions about the war and how it is going for them and their tribe in W40.

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Well guys that is it for now guys. Be on the look out for a new one each week and I hope you all enjoyed!