Is UN still the promise land?

November 6, 2010 in World 040 News

Hiya! This week we are focusing in on the UN family side of the big war in the east. The UN family has been dealing with a 4 front war for a month now. With the added threat of Kata how is the family holding up? Are we going to see a turn in the tides soon? There is still a lot of nobling to do before anything is decided.


Here are a few different stats to look at for this war. First we will start of with the overall points of the tribes.

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The map of the tribes in this war are still the same overall. Here is the most recent one of them all together.Based on the stats below it seems that the cluster of Deathx inside the UN W40 Family is a major target for them and is where DeathX is suffering most of their losses. The other borders haven’t changed as much, but the UN Family has been pushed back a bit in some areas. Even after a month of nobling you can still see the distinct line along the border of Kata where the two tribes had once agreed not to cross. It will be interesting to see how this map looks again in another few months.

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To get a better look at how the UN Family is doing I contacted Moulson11 for an interview. Read below for more.

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Overall like the past month or so the top 10 hasn’t changed a lot. Like I stated last week the biggest change is the tribe Worthy that has popped up since *RAGE* broke up(Kata claims responsibility for this break up due to their constant attacks which caused internal problems). Besides that its just borders changing as nobling occurs.

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The top 10 hasn’t really changed at all this week. A few weeks back we had a few drop outs due to inactivity. But it seems these players left are here for the long wrong unless they get nobled out, but as of right now they are growing, but beachyme still seems to be far ahead.

Next Week…

A lot has happened in this world over the past few months. But one thing is for sure it seems most of these top tribes have found their loyalties and the sides will not be changing with recruitment at least not as of right now.  The UN Family is still holding strong right now and things may change if they gain a bit more activity or if their core group becomes targeted. Who knows what will happen. But until next week, enjoy!

PS. Next week I plan on focusing on some of these smaller tribes in the world and see how they are doing. Hope you all enjoyed and please leave feedback and let me know what you would like to see next.