Is it finally over?

August 13, 2011 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

Fu-Rie family no more?

As I am sure we have all noticed that members of Fu-Rie have been switched to the other Furie causing a decrease in points & members for Fu-Rie. It looks like they may finally be doing what JessieIam2, leader of Free, wanted for years. That is to become one tribe! FuRie is derived from a long history of families, well the Rie part is for sure.

FuRie’s History

Do you remember the tribe Inferno (IF)? What about Pillow Fighters (PF)?

These are the two tribes that started the long history of this Family!

Heres A Chart of their past!

Ok… it may seem like alot… but its not as confusing as it looks!


Inferno and Pillow fighters merged to create IPF.

Than two tribes named Tak-A & Tak-B made *IPF*, starting the family.

RIP merged with -IPF- and made IPF-R

They Eventually formed a IPF-CB with a few new recruits and smaller players…

They later merged their family with TE’s family and created

-RIE-, ~RIE~, {RIE}, RIE-R, RIE, and RIE-CB.

Eventually downgrading to almost 2 tribes they decided to merge with LIMBO creating

-RIE-                    LIE                         *RIE*

On the other hand……

Fearus was formed from ~VK~ and DFB merge.

In the end … FearUS merged with Rie.f creating

FURIE     &       FU-RIE

Now they are dropping to only ONE tribe it seems but for confirmation I decided to talk to a few players.

Today I did an interview with Hikeegan999 of FURIE.

Hello Hikeegan, Do you believe your tribe is finally stoping it’s long history of family tribes?

I do- Now that we have consolidated all larger accounts into FURIE, I do think that we will soon Dispose of any “Family Tribes”

I would like to think that soon enough FURIE’s Extension Tribe will be no more, As this tribe was only meant to keep all players fighting together towards the same cause..

   Now that you all are cutting down to one tribe do you think it will help improve your tribe’s war stats?

Now we have all larger accounts in FURIE together, I do believe that war stats will now improve against BASH! and FREE, due to a larger presence of active players and an increase in the level of communication.

 What is going to to happen to Fu-Rie now?

I have no idea what will be happening with FURIE’s Extension Tribe, All I can think is that all will carry on as normal in both FURIE and the Extension Tribe, now with a stronger bond and more teamwork between players.

You dont like family tribes much huh?

Its not that I dont like them,  I do not think that family tribes should exsist at this stage in our World..

Well thats hikeegan999 with his opinion of family tribes and his tribe downgrading to one tribe!

Now lets hear from a FURIE leader…. Smerdy4k0v

Is your tribe finally downgrading to 1 tribe?


Now that you all are cutting down to one tribe do you think it will help improve your tribe’s war stats?

Yes, for sure.

Why is that?

Because the active members will band together more in one tribe.

What will happen to Fu-Rie now?

Fu-rie is for inactives and perma sat while we noble them out.

Other words from Smerdy

I’ve found that with family tribes there tends to be a “diffusion of responsibility”
i.e. there are so many members that everyone thinks someone else will do it
with a smaller group, there is more cohesiveness
That’s why tribes like HFC and DFB did so well against large family tribes

That was smerdy and his confirmation of the ending of FuRie’s Family tribe.

Wondering what others think of family tribes?

Sixpointer - no i do not like family tribes, they have proven time and time again to be the worse decision for any tribe.
 Plus i believe when it happens it is pushed by inactivity on both sides,
 so if both tribes were active none would merge, meaning later in the development of the world.

Madmonk – They dont work, but hey thats life! But sometimes with the amount of members it has to be that way.

(Retired) John Q Twisted- I believe that performance relative to size effects the perception of the tribe, both externally and internally
so a small group of players that’s always growing and defeating other tribes, larger or smaller has many advantages politically and psychologically
because family tribes tend to have poor performance relative to size, they face the opposite as a major hurdle to long term success
they by comparison seem less coordinated, less active and hence less effective.

Sirskipalot- Not the biggest fan of family tribes. Well with single tribes there are alot less inactives and headaches. They also show better team work than you would see in a family tribe.

GramaJo – I’ve never been in a Family tribe so can’t speak to how they work . I personally would not  think that they could work easily~ too many Bosses  usually. I like being in a small tribe where you know you can count on everyone anytime there is an issue.

They seem to be more focused and organized so maybe this will change their war stats.

War Stats

FuRie vs Free

FuRie vs BASH!


Must I say again…..

World Map

World 31 Statistics 

Total Players = 341

Players above 126 points – 328

Players above 10,000 points – 293

Players above 1,000,000 points – 180

Yay almost there.

Total Tribes = 39

Total tribes above 126 points- 30

Total tribes above 1,000,000 points- 14

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