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All About Me!!!

Hey world 50!!! Most of you probably already know me and probably already know my name is Jen but for those of you who don’t understand who I am allow me to introduce myself. I play the wagonsuz account on world 50.  I’m known on the externals as jwal5678 but at this point everyone just calls me Jen. Some people call me crazy too but I believe it’s a term of endearment. So now I know you are all just dying to know more about me and just this one time I will give you some fascinating personal information about myself that will amaze you, wait or did I mean amuse you?? Anyways important facts about me……

I take Tribalwars very seriously, well actually I take having fun while playing Tribalwars seriously.  If i have to choose between making someone (including myself) laugh or winning a battle, laughing will always win.

I have a very interesting trait, I’m very contrary. If you tell me to not do something I instantly want to do it even if I just said I wouldn’t want to a minute earlier.

I love doing scary things, like bungee jumping. I am terrified of heights but refer to the last fact. I must say there is nothing like beating your own fear.

I never use emoticons or smilies. Why you ask? I have no clue, I am just anti-smilies, you will never see me use them in skype, emails, forum or blogs.

I refuse to eat blue things with one exception, blueberries. Basically blue dyed foods freak me out. I don’t want my tongue to be blue. Once again ask me why? I don’t know it is just the way I am and yes it is only blue dyed foods that bother me. Surely I’m not the only one frightened by this sight!!!

If I could go back in time I would go back and dance disco in the 60’s and 70’s. You can not tell me that doesn’t look fun, though I can’t be put in a glass box so don’t even try!!!

Ok by now you should be so utterly entertained that you can’t bare not to read more or you at least feel like it’s a train wreck you can’t look away from. Either way I’ve won! So let me tell you about my plans for further blogs while I have your attention.

There are many things I am looking forward to writing about but one of my first blogs will be about some of the amazing female warriors that world 50 has.  Yes a bit of women’s lib won’t hurt you males out there. I plan to interview women in the top 3 tribes and find out what makes them good warriors and hopefully we will get to understand a touch of their individual personalities and styles.

I will also follow the current wars and politics going on. Starting with the war between  ODA, 1984 and Hermit. I will also  be following the war with LOL, FS and ~TOL~ against -SOL-. I am not going to bother with stats on these today because of the holiday breaks but after the 1st of the year we will dive into the stats and see if we can get a better feel of what is going on behind the scenes with all of the above mentioned tribes. One thing I do want to focus on more than I have seen in previous blogs is the people behind the accounts. Your not going to just get interviews from the top players and top tribes. I plan to interview some of the smaller, lesser known players too.

Some of you might wonder about the title of the blog. I named the blog a Crow’s Eye View because the black crow is such a fixture in Tribalwars. I also want to go about this blog just like the crow is, seeing all that goes on through out the world without being bias. So  I will do my best to be fair to all sides. I also plan to do my best to entertain you and keep you coming back for more each week. I just ask one thing from you all in return and that is react, comment, complain, tell me what you want to know, what you want more of. This blog isn’t mine it is all of world 50’s. So help me make a blog like no other! You can contact me via the externals by PM or you can add me via skype  jana.peacock. I am also going to try to have songs, movie clips and jokes through out my blog. So if you find something funny please pass it along to me so we can all enjoy it. This first funny comes from Armored Squirrel who is always making me laugh…..

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

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On a serious note before I go for today, Tribalwars lost a long time player known as Ricky357 on world 25 where he graced the number 1 spot several times and Boricuapower on world 50 where he was a force to be reckon with. He was a very talented player and a very loyal man. I am glad I had the chance to play with him and against him. He will be missed by the Tribalwars community as a whole. My heartfelt condolences go out to Sweetmisery.

Rest In Peace

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