Introducing The Tribalwars DevBlog!

March 16, 2011 in Random Thoughts, Special Features

tw_headerWhat happens when the developers who make Tribalwars work and grow open up a blog? You get the Tribalwars DevBlog, the official authority (besides the main-page and forums…) for the most novel and immediate updates. Looking for something like when the TW iPhone app will come out or how far along they are on it? Check out the DevBlog for news straight from the hands of the people in charge of it! Hopefully this new medium will allow the developers to communicate the means and matter of the projects in the works with the community faster, more effectively, and more openly. In addition, it allows players to more directly give their ideas in via comments when the developers are looking for more ideas.

Check out the DevBlog today and read up on the steps they are taking to bring TW onto the iPhone or learn about the people who make this game work and grow every day…


…plus they have a pretty rockin’ banner. :)

-Samulis Out!