INSO to go down in history?

February 28, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

INSOMANIACS (INSO) plans to go down in the history books for a few of their achievements over the years, but nothing comes close to what they are trying now.

INSO is currently the number 1 tribe in W13, they started off as K24 Elite, eventually merged with ERROR and brought in TR|X as INSO 2, with the goal of dropping down to 1 tribe sooner or later. INSO 2 still exists today, 3 years later as a holding pen for accounts that are being nobled internally.

INSO has held the number 1 rank for 2 years currently. They are number 1 in ODA as a tribe and number 1 in ODD as a tribe. With a combined score of almost 15 billion ODT. I can assure you, that is no small feat. To top it off, INSO has 54 members, one of the smallest number 1 tribes in TW.
They also held the records for “Most conquers” with 60,000+ in 2010, the 50 spots for “most conquers per day” and had 12 players out of the top 20, with “Most conquers in 2010″

INSO has had few allies over the years, Riders (comprised of Bey0nd and TR) has been their partners to the northwest for almost as long as I can remember, ~PWC~/{E} was the other long standing ally, but certain circumstances prevented that alliance from lasting any longer and ended with ~PWC~ declaring war on INSO.

INSO has had a long history of aggression, with great leadership and some of the best team mates I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing alongside, INSO lives by the rule of “No troops sit idle”
Taking a look at the top 20 ODA players in W13, and it quickly shows.

Rankings: ODA SelectShow

INSO hold 18 of the top 20 ODA spots, with a tribe full of 54 players, that is simply astonishing. Throw in that all of those players have been with the tribe for a while and not just merged in to make it look good, and that adds a whole new level of accomplishment. On top of that, the tribe as a whole is about to break 10 billion (yes, BILLION) ODA. Talk about people needing anger management!

Many tribes have come and gone through the years here on W13. Many tribes have come up with excuses as to why INSO is where they are. Many tribes try to deny why INSO beat them in their various war efforts. Few tribes give credit where credit is due.

INSO earned their number 1 spot, through sheer aggression, intuitive tactics and willingness to adapt and improvise. With members that are willing to lose their own villages to save a tribe mates, and members always striving to improve, not only themselves, but also the tribe as a whole. Members that sit at a computer thinking of legal ways to become more efficient and then creating videos and walls of text to help each and every member learn these new ways. Members that sit on skype for hours teaching other members how to edit a simple script. All for the betterment of the tribe.

None of this compares with what INSO is planning next. A public execution.
HATE, from W32 currently holds the record for most villages nobled in a second with 80. That is, from a technical standpoint, an amazing feat. INSO will attempt to beat that on April 1st.

Players in K36/37/46…. that area, be prepared. INSO is coming for you.

Stay tuned as we go down the list of tribes (in order, so no one can get offended) as each tribe gets its rightful write up. If you feel a tribe should get a write up (that isn’t around anymore, such as [R], NOVA, War-D, CIV, etc. Let me know, and we can work something up for them as well.

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