INSO plans a public Execution!

March 19, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

INSO plans on going down in TW history as the first world to give the enemy ALL of the relevant information in an upcoming OP. Everything from landing times to nuke and fake village listings.

So lets start with a map of the area

Next we can move onto the players in the area with their ID number, TW Stats page, Village listing per K.

Next we can move onto the total number of nukes/fakes needed for the op.
That is assuming each village will get 1 of each. Which, most likely, they will not.

Landing date is April 1st, so this will make an excellent April Fools joke.

Due to recent happenings in the world, those numbers are also inaccurate due to at least 1 member being recruited into INSO.

Below is the village listing for nukes in K37

Nukes: K37 SelectShow

Below is a list of villages that are being faked in K37

Fakes: K37 SelectShow

I would give you an area we plan on nobling, but that is yet to be determined. Just know that we will have noble trains in close proximity and when a village shows as clear or almost clear, nobles will be on their way.

INSO has listened to it’s enemies, INSO has listened to it’s members. With the addition of this public op, there is simply no excuse for the enemy to lose a single village. You are given the exact villages getting hit, support should be stacked or on it’s way already. If it isn’t, or you think that INSO is bluffing, you will be sorely mistaken when the time comes.

Be sure to follow the blog to see the status of the “Public Op” as well as the final tally of villages taken.