Insane in the Membrane

October 30, 2010 in World 016 News, World News

Hello readers, and a happy early Halloween to you all! During this time of spooking creatures in the shadows and mysterious tales being told, I decided to tackle a mystery of our own in W16. They are a small group, formed not too long ago, yet many don’t seem to know much about them. This week, I give you, MAD.

First off, I would like to apologize for the lengthy delay after my last blog. The main trouble was my own fault in delaying my interviews. Unfortunately events in our personal lives conflicted for a while until it was days after the time I had wanted to finished, but I should have prepared for that, so again, I apologize.

Now on to the story…

MAD is a smaller tribe, located mainly in the northwest, but it also holds some territory in northern Plight. The members are widely diversified, most coming from Plight or Bang!, but some coming from a few smaller tribes on the rim.

Other than that, few know much about this tribe. They’re large enough to still be called a tribe with some influence in W16, yet too small to be a major contender. They’ve also, thus far at least, stayed out of the C² vs Plight/*MK* war, and are the only bigger tribe left who has done so. Their intentions are unclear to many, myself included, or at least they were until I got in touch with them.

When I first tried to contact MAD about interviewing some members, I was met with a bit of trouble. Gn0me outlined the problem very well when he responded to me by saying, “MAD is non hierarchical. You can ask any one of us. We are all equally schizophrenic, just different parts of the same consciousness really.” But after a while, I finally succeeded in pinning down two parts of the schizophrenic being for interviews on MAD.

I would like to thank May Davis and Muffin9 once again for agreeing to do these interviews with me. I greatly appreciate their cooperation. First off is May Davis, the founder of MAD herself.

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Next is Muffin9, one of the many barons of MAD, who volunteered to do this interview with me.

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As we can see, MAD does indeed deserve it’s name, and the member seems to know that and even take pride in it. Possible goals seem to be in the discussion stages, but thus far, no visible action has been taken to fulfill any of them. Perhaps this tribe really is MAD, as they so willing claim, or perhaps it is a rather elaborate, convincing mind game they are playing on us all in an attempt to make up for their size.

Whether you join the MADness or avoid it, we must all hope that they don’t take the same road as Hamlet and wind up getting us all killed. Thanks again for reading. Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,