Ingame Mods

Marcus the Mad

When I joined the team: On a cold dark evening in july, returning from a revitalizing holiday, I opened up my laptop, only to find a certain female administrator had been screaming at me I was hired and it’s about time to get to work, during said holiday. July 2011

Where I live: In a town smelling like an oil refinery (cause you know… there is one)

What I do outside Tribalwars: I play my trumpet (some people seem to love how that sounds, I wonder why ), study (which I hate more and more every day) and some normal stuff a young lad would do I suppose?

3 of my favorite things:
Errm I watch a lot of anime… gaming is reasonably high. Going out with friends is fun too (especially when we manage to combine all of these )

Most expensive thing I’ve ever broken:
We built a new home. When that was finished, I was allowed to hit the wrecking ball into the old house… that’s technically expensive.. aye? Otherwise, I drove into a burning table with a forklift?

My favorite quotation is:

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”


master of the rangers

When I joined the team: Surely this should be why? Anyway, I joined pretty recently, only a couple of months ago, I used to Mod back in the good old days when Lizy was around, Rl got a bit too busy (as I am sure you have all experienced) and so I quit everything TW based. Recently got talking to a few of the mods again and decided I miss all the… erm… fun? so decided to try my hand at it again March 2012

Where I live: In the lovely sunny south of England, great, now all you stalkers can hunt me down.

What I do outside Tribalwars: Outside of Tribalwars I’m currently working as a satellite engineering apprentice… Not sky dishes for your TV, space satellites. It’s not that I couldn’t put a dish up; it’s really the fact that I’m too lazy. Aside from work I also indulge myself in long bike rides around Wales and the few hills that surround me. Also have a bit of a fetish with my cars, which I am constantly working on. Also have a hobby of flying light aircraft.

3 of my favorite things:
Hmm, I have many favorite things, so where to start? I think my cars have to be near the top of the list with the amount of time and money I have spent on them. Secondly, would be hanging out with mates, without whom, many a drunken night would have just been a boring night sat in front of the PC like you lot Erm, I’m sure I should mention something computer-based, being a mod, but, I’m going to break the mould by saying my third favorite thing is my job, which is truly awesome.

Most expensive thing I’ve ever broken:
Erm, well I don’t know if I exactly broke it, but whilst flying once, smoke started pouring from the engine, at which point we had to eject, and inevitably, the plane crashed and broke… Yes I had the control of the plane at the time, no… I’m not a terrorist as I get asked frequently -.-

My favorite quotation is:
Well I have a lot of these, but most fitting for this, and modding in itself would have to be:

“Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”



When I joined the team: February 10th, 2011

Where I live: Downwind of London, UK

What I do outside Tribalwars: Run an IT Company, play board games, eat bacon sandwiches.

3 of my favorite things:
Skybluepink sunsets, thermonuclear weaponry, and the smell of bacon sizzling (all 3 together would be like going to heaven, man).

Most expensive thing I’ve ever broken:
I took my car for some off-road driving many years back, though unfortunately that bit of off-road was occupied by several hedges and a tree and a ditch.

My favorite quotation is:

“Whatever you do, DON’T press THAT button!”



When I joined the team: July 2010

Where I live: South Africa

What I do outside Tribalwars: IT Development & Testing

3 of my favorite things:
My wife, my son, and my 2 mad as a hatter cats.

Most expensive thing I’ve ever broken:
A friendship

My favorite quotation is:

“Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning.” – Erwin Rommel