In the Mind of a Warham.

July 15, 2009 in World 026 News

Warham, Leader of IMK, the #7 Rim Tribe. Strong Fighters.

During the War with Moogle we were shown the true force behind IMK. Destroying Moogle. But IMK arent a bunch of point whores, recruiting a 100,000 Point player.

IMK was created on the 8th of November 2008. with warham joining in January. We all know warham from the PnP Forums.

with warham as the leader he kicked the rankings up to #7, not just by allowing people to join, but by actually allowing him to grow his members to grow with his strong guidance.

The Founders of IMK, OmniPo & his brother were able to create IMK as a strong tribe with very little to no Tribalwars Knowledge.

As all tribes there strategic settings were the same “Dominate The Area”, but they actually did this. alot of tribes with “n00b” leaders fail in the first few months. So IMK I take my hat off to you.

The Original Picture was found on google.. But has stayed the same for ever. Who doesnt love a great picutre?

The fight with Moogle was a Good one, and by searching through the forums you can see they changed there name for temporarily.. To: IMK (International Moogle Killers).
IMK had an alliance with Moogle who had a coalation with Risen and Bruvas, You Cant Seem to find them anymore. Bruvas had died with out the protection of Moogle. So who hates Huggers? IMK Does!

Moogle wanted to get more “cuddles” With DARK, Visine & Storm. So Moogle wanted to make a coalition, IMK did not want to make a coalition but signed an Alliance with Moogle, Well Done!

Visine made Clear! IMK asked Clear! For a NAP, but Tensions between Moogle & Clear! arose, Moogle asked IMK to fight on there side.

But it was a simple ploy for Moogle to take out a future threat, Oh oh.. Some one failed that!

Simply Moogle fell hard and fast. because Clear! didnt want to take any of there crap, and Bye Bye Moogle :)

Outside of TW, warham is a busy person. Good at Basketball, Soccer, Also can play music, quiet well! Drum & Guitar..

Other than that, Its his Girlfriend, In real life and Tribalwars… Yeah… Player :P

Even though warham is modest, and doesnt believe he is the #1 Duke, Sorry We need to beg other wise. Well, when we saw warham as #1 or “The King”.. Lets hope it works!! We all love the lion King.

Thanks Guys,