If One Thing Goes Wrong, Everything Can go wrong!

July 27, 2010 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

Rie vs. FearUs War

Things Are Heating Up!

This war is currently the biggest, most exciting, and unpredictable war in W31. Players are determined, tensions are rising, and some players have fallen. Both leaders of FearUs and Rie are confident they will break the other’s front line, hopes, and dreams of winning this war. Betrayal has taken place, friendships has been made, and merges have taken its part. To form one of the most exhilarating wars in W31 history! I have never in my time playing noticed so much drama between such tribes. But, these tribes being as big as they are drama is bound to take its place. Drama such as Inactives, merges, betrayal, hate, love, and of course farewell notices!

Rie-F is leading this war with a total of 490 villages! Starting from the times the war had started. Clearly this is anyone’s war!

But as you can see in the last week’s stats FearUs has taken the lead. Thats right everyone its time to start investigating. I am here on the front lines of the FearUs vs. Rie.F war; Visiting one of the many villages of Bizshop. Asking for an interview. Hopefully he cooperates and not orders the paladin to escort me out!

Hello, I am Ebony (world 31 blogger)

It has been requested that I interview you by my readers. Do you mind having a interview with me?

I don’t mind at all.

So in my last blog I mentioned how you recruited a bunch of PUSH members, just bringing it up brought up many questions! The readers and I would like to know

Do you think this recruiting of players will make a dramatic change in the Rie vs. FearUs war?

Probably not in the short term. It brings in some good. players, but most are not yet on the front lines.

In the last week or so the stats for fearUs are up, and in my last blog I mentioned that maybe FearUs are planning a trap for Rie and they are falling right into it. Is this a true statement?

It is a true statement that “maybe FearUS are planning a trap for RIE and they are falling right into it”.

It may be… but we certainly wouldn’t divulge our plans…

Of course you wouldn’t So what are your feelings about the tribe your up against?

Certainly this is the most epic war on W31 to date. Both of us are large, strong tribes. FearUS is simply the better tribe.

It is premature to even say that anyone is losing. This will be a long war, and it is like asking the US President on December 9th, 1941 why the US is losing…

Indeed it is!
The war seems to just be beginning!
Do you think any major changes will happen in w31 to any tribe?

Absolutely. The biggest enemy any of the tribes have is inactivity and ‘real life’ taking people away from the game. That and intra-tribe politics make it inevitable that the world will see some major players leave, and probably some more tribes breaking up and reforming into new ones. I don’t expect that will happen to the big 3 tribes, but you never know!

One more thing may you answer the question of the week

Question of the week

Is it fair to add inactives to war stats if they’ve been kicked?

Stats don’t matter to anyone that knows anything about the game. Depending on who you include or exclude, and what time frame you set, the picture can look dramatically different. So I don’t really care, but I’d think they should not be included if they are no longer in the tribe.

OK, thank you for your time and good luck to you and FearUs with your war. Check out the blog later on and post your comments, questions, and/or requests. Now that the inactives are almost gone and FearUs and Rie are closer than ever,  this war has only just begun! Will FearUs show up and show out on Rie? Will Rie prove to the world they are most aggressive? Will FearUs or Rie fall first? Both of these tribe’s leaders and members have to work together if they want to win because in this war if One thing goes wrong Everything can go wrong!


World 31 Statistics as of (7/27/10)

2,1832,183 players

The total number of active players dropped from last week till now! Leaving the world with only 228, 271 villages.

There are 240 tribes left! 228 of those tribes are above 126 points! The world has lost 3 tribes in the past week!

Top Tribes

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 FREE (white) 259.207.854 369.233.595 67 5.510.949 37649 9.807
2 FearUs (sky blue) 204.672.005 263.536.961 69 3.819.376 26863 9.810
3 -RIE- (red) 192.128.012 257.902.231 65 3.967.727 26225 9.834
4 *RIE* (red) 72.024.444 72.024.444 39 1.846.781 7526 9.570
5 ~ONE~ (purple) 63.068.276 63.068.276 35 1.801.951 6604 9.550
6 Chosen (yellow) 54.215.913 54.215.913 26 2.085.227 5583 9.711
7 -LIE- (red) 39.623.845 39.623.845 21 1.886.850 4015 9.869
8 KILZOM (light blue) 37.732.192 37.732.192 19 1.985.905 3816 9.888
9 =V= ( light purple) 27.559.811 27.559.811 37 744.860 2924 9.425
10 ~LEP~ (orange) 27.308.528 27.323.900 46 593.998 3018 9.054
11 -X- (green) 20.440.028 20.440.028 15 1.362.669 2309 8.852
12 Frogs (violet) 19.878.249 19.878.249 12 1.656.521 2036 9.763
13 PUSH! (peach) 14.947.286 14.947.286 9 1.660.810 1467 10.189
14 Karma (pink) 14.189.855 14.189.855 18 788.325 1591 8.919
15 BLIM (brown) 11.890.471 11.890.471 35 339.728 1301 9.139
16 SB (grey) 11.006.980 11.006.980 8 1.375.873 1210 9.097
17 ~FHS~ (lime) 10.140.953 10.140.953 31 327.128 1103 9.194
18 F*WILL 7.848.322 7.848.322 1 7.848.322 751 10.450
19 BOA 7.672.210 7.672.210 24 319.675 840 9.134
20 REDRUM 6.690.933 6.690.933 35 191.170 797 8.395

World 31 War Stats

Free is still ahead in there war with ~ONE~. It doesn’t look like the war is going the way ONE wanted it to. But it does not look like they are putting up a fight! From my point of view if ONE doesn’t start working together they probably wont be on this world to much longer. Next week I will interview both Free and ONE on their war. To get to the bottom of  things!

This guy has 11,229,074 points with 1,170 villages! He is the number 1 player in w31 and is the leader of the #1 tribe! He deals with his tribe, his account, and hes only a DOG! 78,450,391 is his OD points, 64,481,527 is his ODA points, and 13,968,960 is his ODD points. He has only lost 15 villages (most are from his own tribe).

Interview with Drowned Dog

Hey, I am Ebony2345 (world 31 blogger).
May I interview you for my next blog post?

Sure why the heck not?

Well, I picked you as my player of the week!
So When did you first start playing this game?

In people years or dog years?

Both :D

This was my first world, so Jan 09. Although ive played a couple after this under different names.

So why is your name Drowned dog?

Thats like asking why are bones so tasty, it is because it is, im a dog who just happened to drown.

So you have over 1000 villages are they hard to keep up with?

They are all strategically positioned near the fire hydrants I like to use, so not really.
Na its just as easy as when you have 10. Scripts, groups and organized farming methods do most of the work.

Your the leader of Free do you think your tribe will be the last tribe standing on this world?

We are led by a clown and a dog, no chance in h*ll we succeed.

Yes i do think so, we have the most aggressive players, highest ODA which shows we not a bunch of inactive players. Our leadership is strong and active, jesse does an amazing job withen the tribe, putting it above his own account. Our players have the highest nobling rate of all the tribes left, so the growth is outstanding, and they are constantly asking for more targets. Free will be here till then end, unless i disband the tribe, Tribal Option C i like to call it.

Also the worst part of our tribe has already quit, so things are alot smoother now.

What about FearUs and Rie they’ve shown potential in their war. Do you agree?

Are they at war? I thought they just had an agreement to swap inactive villages over.

Speaking of inactives
Is it fair to add inactives to war stats if they’ve been kicked?

Yeah i think so. They should be nobled out before a tribe declares war, especially if they are on the lines, and its good work by the attacker if they can make players quit, with players starting to get quite large it takes to long to noble them, so making enemies get sick of incomings and rebuilding, and bugger of to the pub to cry is starting to be the best option.

Well thank you Mr. Dog.
Any more comments for all of the dog lovers out there?

Woof Woof.
No problem, thanks for the chit chat, and have a nice day ebony.

You have a nice day also.


Is it fair to add inactives to war stats if they’ve been kicked?

This question has been a heated debate in the forums and all over the world! I myself are tired of hearing everyone argue over it. Solving the question everyone keeps asking;”Why ask this question?”  Many people has replied told me there thoughts on this. The voters choice was almost unanimously alike.

94 percent of the voters said “Yes” 6 percent voted “No”

Most of the people that voted Yes also stated that If the player was there at the beginning of the war they should be included with the tribes losses. Because if the tribe didn’t kick the inactives before the war started its the tribes lost!

Hey readers I want to hear from you post a comment, question, or/and request.