I Need A Doctor… A Recap

February 8, 2011 in World 052 News, World News


How have tribes been keeping up with the issues we’ve covered in the past month? Who is on par with their earlier predications, and who isn’t? Just how much has the world changed over the past month?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

Searson11 was kind enough to provide us with a map this week, and we can see that only one change has happened: RIM has been replaced by SOHK as rank ten.

In terms of rank shifts, there is again little to report: -SWAT- and CCH have switched places, and are now sixth and ninth, respectively.

Other things equal, this would seem to imply that RIM is losing its war with -MM-, and CCH its war with NiNi. But is that really what’s going on? How are the wars of the world shaping up?


Southern Continents

All the tribes have grown, of course, but notable changes are the disbandment of HoHoHo, KNIGHT, and GHOST. That has allowed WET to largely strengthen its hold in the center of the world, but at the same time, Bush has expanded down into K52 and NiNi developed a presence in K55.

First Post: Back to Back: HoHoHo and Phat

Original War: B52s vs. HoHoHo

Outcome: HoHoHo disbandment into mainly DA; victory for B52s

Aftermath: B52s’s remains conflicted with DA, but the latter seems to be holding strong. Their single largest aggressor has been SOHK, who have posted 12 to 3 conquer stats against them. Incidentally, not a single village has ever been taken from SOHK by B52s or vice-versa. A NAP, no doubt, or something more. B52s has also been focusing on 7TH as of late, and are doing quite well against them. So well, in fact, that as CannonLove pointed out, 7TH changed their tag

SOHK denied any plans to attack B52s after the HoHoHo war, and it seems that they are sticking true to that. Additionally, former rank one player Rainycloud deleted this past week, who, as highly discussed, absconded to NiNi from HoHoHo when the war heated up. Meanwhile, WET, who was previously fighting HoHoHo as well, has now turned its eyes more to the north, against NiNi.

Continent To Watch: K75 looks the most interesting at the moment. DA currently hold the majority with 36%, but SOHK’s  eastern side has nowhere to go but there, if their diplomatic status with B52s holds. Likewise, B52s is no doubt trying to move in that direction as well. My understanding is that P.S. is on fairly good terms with -MM-, so them moving directly north is unlikely. They also already hold 22% of K75, and are likely to want to fortify their hold there. SOHK vs. P.S. in the future, perhaps?

Promises: Then-duke of HoHoHo, Obliterati, said at the time that “there’s still plenty of life in the tribe and there are some very solid players who are putting in a great effort.” Did that pan out? You could argue that the players he was talking about have sense condensed into DA, but the fact of the matter is HoHoHo as we knew it disbanded, and the tribe couldn’t quite pull it together. It seems Demented Intentions and Crystalball’s predictions came true.


Eastern Continents

Again, expected growth by all tribes. However, the most impressive is clearly on the part of -SWAT-, who, since the 23rd, have moved from 9th in the world to 6th. ~D@M~ looks to have lost some ground, and so does RIM, in K56.

Original Post: Empire State of Mind: A Look at the East

Original War: -MM- vs. RIM | -MM- & -SWAT- & Borat vs. ~D@M~

Outcome: Both unresolved, but ~D@M~ is undoubtedly losing, showing a conquer difference of -22 this past week. RIM too is on its back foot, with a conquer difference of -38 against -MM- this past week. RIM has dropped from 30.65% dominance of K56 to 25.22%.

Continent To Watch: Somewhat obvious, but K56 and ~D@M~’s area, of course. Can’t put it simpler than that :$

Promises: BreakinBones, duke of ~D@M~, earlier gave me a cryptic clue to the future of his tribe: “Sometimes the cheese on the mouse trap is so tempting the rats can’t help but eat it…” Well, it doesn’t any more sense to me now, and whatever he was referring to doesn’t seem to have materialized. They have continued to lose villages these past weeks, and as I predicted, they will soon perish.

Now, also on the subject of the northeast, is the emerging power -SWAT-. I mentioned that they have really shot up in the ranking recently, and are becoming quite a force to contend with in the north. Their duke, Lavrikan3, attributed their success to “some smart moves by the leadership to take actions before others tribes… [-SWAT-] always seem to be 1 step ahead.”

Does NiNi have anything to fear, in K25? When asked about -SWAT-’s expansion plans, Lavrikan3 said

“We have been pushing in to k25 recently… and have took a big pressence in k24 also… [NiNi] would be very silly to go for my tribe, so we will continue to do as we please, and not fear any repercussions [from NiNi].” – Lavrikan3

I personally have high expectations for -SWAT-, just going off their tribal statistics. They held the top nobling tribe record this month easily, with an impressive 62 villages nobled in one day. Lavrikan3 is confident as well:

“This tribe has the best players and co-ordination in any of my tribes yet…  we fear no tribe; we can back up our actions with no doubt.” – Lavrikan3


Western Continents

We just started talking about this last week, so there hasn’t been too much change. Thus, we only focus on the core, central continents of the war.

Original Post: NiNi Takes Center Stage

Original War: WET & CCH vs. NiNi

Outcome: Unresolved, but WET is up by a landslide 136 to 26 this week in conquers; CCH is down 12 to 17. The loss of Rainycloud has weakened NiNi’s position in K55 drastically, but elsewhere things remain largely unchanged.

Continent To Watch: Essentially the area map focuses on, but I stand by what I said about K44 last week.

Promises: .M A R I O. said last week “we can only look forward to our next week and hope that we do better then, which is what I am personally expecting to happen.” Not quite what happened, but NiNi is nowhere near finished.

NiNi Conquer Difference vs. Enemies

**The x-axis increment is by weeks; the first value is for the second week in January, the second value for the third week, the third value for the fourth, and the last value for the first week in February.

As we can see, NiNi remains in the positive against CCH, but versus WET, this last week was absolutely devastating for them.


Northern Continents

(no map :$)

Original Post: Back to Back: HoHoHo and Phat

Original War: Phat vs. CJF & Strike & LeadTE & XVI & -ROF-

Outcome: Unresolved, but the war today is mainly just between Phat and CJF. If we look at these stats below…

Phat Conquer Difference vs. CJF

** The x-axis increment is the same as above

Phat lost some ground the week before last, but have certainly made up for it this week.


I feel like I’ve been apologizing left and right over the publishing of these, so I’m going to try really hard to have the next one actually on time for next Saturday! ;)

I’d also like to dedicate this to my friend John, in -MM-.