I don’t know what I’m doing! (Rowmaster)

July 20, 2010 in About Me Paragraphs, I'm A New Mod!, Special Features

I didn’t know what title to have so excuse the awful  one.

Name: Rowmaster, (Row) Call me the latter name please.
Real Name: Mike
Location: Lets just say Newcastle. (As it is close to there)
Hometown: Grimsby, N.E Lincolnshire

TW ‘Job': Forum Mod for High Performance and W47!
Real job: I work in McDonalds. Don’t laugh, its actually really good fun. I work with some great people and we can always have a laugh whilst getting the job done.

Favourite Alcoholic drink: Magners Cider/ Snakebite. Don’t know which is better but both fantastic.
Favourite Non Alcoholic Drink: Still Fanta especially when its free from work.

Favourite Mod: I feel as though i should say Jirki88 :p But i’m gonna say MKC Since she’s COOOOLLLLL
Hobbies: Rowing, Rowing and once again coaching!?!? Well Rowing, coaching, TW and the externals are all pretty much my hobbies. I race for a local North East Club called Tyne United Rowing Club. (You can guess what river we are based on) Me and my doubles Partner (Pic Below) Are quite successful together and have won a majority of the races we have entered, making for an impressive collection of Medals, Pots and Tankards!

A pic:
(Before anyone asks, i am completely Straight, this pic was taken on the last day of Sixthform.)

I’m the smiley one in the middle:

I’m the one at Stroke (Left)

After asking Storm on W44 for help with this intro thread the best they could come up with was this (I mean seriously, some of the most experienced players I know and this is it!! Still its good tho) :

Row Row Row Your Mod, Gives InFractions Well”
“Stay, Stay, Stay-away, or say WTH”umaier09 :P

Thats it for now:
P.S If you spot any mistakes please don’t forget to not mail me!! :P