I bid thee farewell.

April 1, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

As march comes to an end, spring skiing is going on, summer and paintball are right around the corner, I have decided it’s time to free up some time in my personal life. TribalWars is one of the chapters in my life that I am ready to close.I’ve spoken with tribe mates, I’ve spoken with my team mates on the blog staff, and I’ve spoken with my friends in real life. TribalWars has given me a heck of a ride and this blog is to open up a bit.

It all started at 399|197… My very first village… Having never played this game before, and knowing absolutely nothing, I figured I had a great spot since I’m surrounded by trees, surely that added to my defense right? lol. I was dumb. I started getting spammed with requests to join a tribe, and not knowing how, I stayed single for a bit. Then I figured out how to start my own tribe APB, named after a forum I ran “AbsolutePaintball.net” A forum that brought a few players into this world (StealthyEliminator, F-N-U, BlueEagle83, .Outlaw. and MSMShrek)

My tribe went no where fast, so it was time I joined a “real” tribe. I started off in TheWay, and was fortunate to meet some great people, that took the time to help me learn the game without making me feel like a moron. Fast Forward to current day, I am the ONLY player from that tribe that still plays. The way did it’s job for me, a glimmer of protection for a n00b and an way to start honing my craft as a player.

From that, I moved into ND|13, on a recommendation from a top 5 player, due to my activity level and willingness to learn. In that tribe, I was able to form friendships that still exist to this day, TheHowling, Kyvv, Turion64, Denipop, ConqueringKnight, o26ur, jayerrick and Blackbird90. I became good friends with UNP-Priest and picked his brain at every chance I could on how he played the game, and how I could grow as fast as he did at the time.

Later on down the road, I was approached with the idea of TR, a TRinity of tribes, surely 3 tribes is stronger than 1 I thought, and my friends were all going, so I followed suit and did as I was asked (stay active, attack people, support tribe mates, grow) Soon enough, we formed TR|X, the elite of TR all packed into 1 tribe.

We were a war machine but there was a gigantic threat to our south/southwest border… and that threat was Error in K23 and K24 Elite, in K24. My idea, which I brought up in the forums, was to try and form an alliance or merge with them, since they were larger and more aggressive players than we were at the time. To which I got replies back of “You are stupid” “Error will never merge with us” “K24 is crap” etc… Well, within a week of that, K24 and Error merged to form INSO. This scared me. Our 2 biggest threats, combined to become an even bigger threat to us.

We, TR|X, were soon approached about becoming apart of INSO 2… A merge with the 2 tribes that mere weeks before, I was laughed at for suggesting. And now we were given that chance. We signed on and began to learn the ins and outs of what made K24 Elite, a top tribe. What made the players of Error, the players that people feared being next to. Aggression.

During my time in INSO 2, I turned down 1 chance to move up to INSO, since I thought that I was not ready to be in the “big leagues” yet, and when the 2nd time came around, I had no choice, I was forced to join INSO for reasons that I still do not know.

Many of you know me from the world forums, and only my team mates know how I feel, but I’ve always felt like I was one of the worst in INSO, like I don’t belong where I am. Even with my team mates telling me the opposite, I still feel this way today.

I’ve seen many players come and go in this game, some I was genuinely upset to see them leave, most of the others I couldn’t care less about. I’ve made friends that I will remember for the rest of my life in this game. I can’t say that about many other things in my life.
INSO is not just a tribe, it’s a family. I am very happy and grateful that I was fortunate enough to be apart of.

With that, I will say goodbye to World 13, to those that enjoyed my posts, you are welcome. To those of you who didn’t enjoy my posts, you’re welcome as well. To ~PWC~(ffs,187,regime,whatever else you choose to call yourselves), you had all the tools to win this world and you threw it all away with the selfish attitudes. If you ever play another world, learn from your mistakes. To PR, I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did, and no… INSO is not an unstable tribe, don’t believe everything someone posts in your forums… ;) To gensis/orion, I wish you guys luck, you’re going to need it. To Riders, Enjoy the end of the world with INSO.
Last, but most certainly not least, to INSO. I thank you all for putting up with my crazy ideas and I hope that I helped your gameplay and time here in this world. You all have my contact info and when I go on my world trip, I will be stopping by to say hello to whomever I can. I will miss you all. Enjoy the end of the world and please see to it that my 120 noble trains that are aimed at K37 enjoy their ride.