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December 31, 2011 in HP News, World News

Welcome to The HP World,  I am sure most of you are familiar with the blog, but for those that are not each world has a blog and a blogger who helps recite the data and facts of each world. The blogger may be a member of that world, but they try to keep a non-biased view on current events.

For those that don’t know me, I am yal-a-dar, also known as miwok. On this world my account is capri.son. I play on a variety of worlds in Tribalwars and blog on a large span of them as well. I look forward to blogging for this world. but for that to work I need the cooperation of the many different people on this world.  My skype is  kenenth.handsbury and you can reach me there most of the time.

As the world is still in a state of changing in the early stages, we have time to get to know each other and get this blog up to its full potential.

In the map above we can see the current top tribes and their relative spreads.

crew:  seem to have a nice spread on the rim side of k45. This positioning can give them a nice advanage as the world goes on as their backs are against a wall so to speak.

Mafee3 : based in k45. They have a pretty soild area and if they dont cripple their growth with that position, they may have a solid core.

mafee: has a wide spread in the north stretching k44 and k45. If they’re able to hold their own, they could have a dominant area, but they are spread thin in some areas and clustered up in others.

BIA: in the middle of the world with a tight cluster area but not too tight, which allows for future growth. They have a few stragglers in the north that could in turn help or hurt them as the world progresses.

-l- : and alpha are in the middle of k44. If they were one tribe, they would have a nice position and superior area. But, as they’re two tribes mixed in each others areas, we will see how they develop; either one could become a formible power if the other was gone.

bears : located in northen 54 along the rim. They are clustered and near a well spread out tribe.

tw-k54: located in k54, big suprise I know. They have a wide spread with a few players here and there, bordering other major tribes.

-ft-: in the lower right of k54. They have a decent looking area, not too spread and not too clustered. They’re located near some other big tribes though. If they can secure an area, they could have a bright future.

uc: located in the north of k55. They are spread out and near some of the other major tribes as well.

motorx: another k55 tribe and yet another with a large spread and key tribes near them.

supper: located in the south and spread from the top of k55 to the bottom of it with most of their members in the south of 55. They too have a lot of top tribes near them.

So It would seem the majority of the tribes are spread throughout their k’s and near other top tribes as well. As players are just starting to noble we will see how things progress, but I foresee a lot of changes happening in the world with the tribes reacting like water.

Here is a brief interview with one of the players of this world:

Extra SelectShow


I would like to thank you for your time in reading, and I hope you all contact me in game or on skype, so I can get more interviews and a accurate view of the world. Good luck to everyone and let’s make this a truly fun world to play and have a good active forum community.