How to: plan an op!

June 11, 2011 in Strategy:TW

I am currently planning an op on my world, so this is the perfect time to show the rest of TW one of the ways to plan an op.

Start: By choosing your target area, in my case it’s K03.
Next, choose the players who will be targeted for your specific situation, in my case, it’s every enemy player. So all of my tribes enemies will be included in this op.
After you iron out who you want to hit, it’s your job as the “Op coordinator” to setup a thread in your tribal forums asking people to sign up and join in! After all, this is part of the fun of TribalWars!

Set a launch date or landing date and the estimated number of nukes needed. Normally, the first stage of an op asks for 2 nukes per village. As an OP reaches stage 2, you are more in tune with what kind of firepower is needed, whether it’s just single clearing runs or targets that ask for MORE nukes. Take the reports and data that your tribemates forward and share and USE it to have an eye on the battlefield.

Once you get enough nukes signed up to the OP, it’s now time to break down where everything is going. If you have players that are signed up for the OP that are nuking AND nobling, make sure you give them target villages near where their villages are. There is nothing worse than sending nukes out, expecting them to be towards villages you wanted to noble, and they end up being on the other side of the K.

For the players that are sending long range nukes that don’t plan on nobling in that area, use those nukes to fill in the gaps where other players run short. I break my ops down by K and 9 quadrants per K. Northwest, North, Northeast, etc. You can also break it down by NW, SW, NE, SE if you’d like, I prefer breaking it down further to aid in quick noble and quick nuke turn around.

Use the spreadsheet in the earlier TW:Strategy blog to help break down enemy villages by quadrant if you’d like.

I use TWStats to help me gather my villages for ops. For this specific example, I chose the tribe and exported their entire K worth of villages. You can also choose to do it by player if that’s what the situation calls for.

Now is the time to make and hand out the scripts for players. Any script I post is 100% legal, so feel safe using them.

javascript:coords=’Insert Coords HERE';numattacks=2;if(numattacks>=1){var doc=(window.frames.length>0)?window.main.document:document;var inputs = doc.forms[0].getElementsByTagName(‘input’);coords=coords.split(” “);index=0;attindex=0;farmcookie=document.cookie.match(‘(^|;) ?XXX=([^;]*)(;|$)’);if(farmcookie!=null){attindex=parseInt(farmcookie[2]);index=Math.floor(attindex/numattacks);}if(index==coords.length-1)alert(‘last village’);if(index>=coords.length){attindex=0;index=0;}coords=coords[index];coords=coords.split(“|”);attindex=attindex+1;index=Math.floor(attindex/numattacks);var cdt=new Date();cdt.setDate(cdt.getDate()+10);cookie_date=cdt;document.cookie =”XXX=”+attindex+”;expires=”+cookie_date.toGMTString ();doc.forms[0].x.value=coords[0];doc.forms[0].y.value=coords[1];for (cnt=0;cnt<inputs.length-4;cnt++) {inputs[cnt].value = inputs[cnt].nextSibling.nextSibling.innerHTML.replace(/(\(0|\()/, “”).replace(/\)/, “”)}end();}

With that script, there are a few places where you will/can edit it. First, is the Coordinate area (“Insert Coords Here”) You simply insert the coordinates you want to cycle through. with a single space in between them. Right after that, you see “numattacks=2″ This is the number of times you want a village to be repeated. In this case, it’s 2. ¬†Finally, you’ll see two spots where “XXX” show up, that is the cookie. I edit each and every script to coincide with the op I am doing as well as the player it is assigned to. So for my own, XXX would be replaced with K03Noely.

Setup each script for your OP, and either post them in the thread or send a mail with them in it.
Also be sure to have a fake script that anyone can use. It’s your choice to set it up to go to a different area or to have people also hit the same area the nukes are. Either way has it’s pros and cons, so I suggest being random with it. No one can follow a pattern if you’re random.

The final step of setting up a successful OP, is to make sure that you communicate with your tribemates. Work as 1 unit instead of individual players. Have a clear goal in mind and work towards achieving that goal TOGETHER. Forward reports, exchange mails, etc. These are your brothers and sisters on the battle field, their troops are working for you and yours for them, so make sure you all show respect to each other and work together.

Next time, we will be setting up and executing the T-Train method! (There will be a video for that!)