How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Update…

February 16, 2011 in Random Thoughts, World 024 News, World News

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My actual TW playing is sporadic at best, and boy did I get a shock when I came back from my holiday. The entire game looked different and I was left with an insatiable desire to scroll up…

…Events, opinions may be exaggerated.

_but seriously

Where had all the beautiful-in-their-simplicity menus gone to? A lifetime of tabbed browsing made me entirely blind to the red buttons at the top of the screen for a few minutes. I was | | <– this close to resorting to ctrl-f followed by a service ticket and forum thread.

If there’s one thing that can be said for the rest of the human race vs. designers, it’s that we don’t like change for the sake of change. Like when wIz changed the S²ORM CoA to that 1-armed lady. Or when Studios had that oper-… yeah.


But now that I’ve made sense of it and shaken off that endless feeling that I might have mail that I can’t even find, it makes sense to some degree. Now you don’t need to scroll from the bottom of a long overview screen to access the menus at the top. And mail, tribe, reports and overviews hold in common that they are vital to the gameplay, whereas setting, premium, notebook and log out are not. (Be honest with yourself – when was the last time you actually clicked “log out”, if you don’t share a computer? Then again, playing without premium at this stage simply isn’t feasible.)

Furthermore, the new unit graphics answer a lot of unanswered questions about TW, such as “how exactly outside the Godfather trilogy is a horse’s head the strongest unit?” and “Where is the rest of the sword?”

My favourite part has to be this guy, though. The tilt of his hat, his shrug – you can just tell this fella eats 100 times his worth and needs to be sent 5 times to get the job done. That, and the map. Seeing the world clad in darkness has made my heart tingle as if exposed to a small kitten or baby turtle. It brings up more questions, however; why don’t the barbarian villages have the lights on?

They grow up to 3k in this world, and most of them are full of troops from whoever deleted (the joys of late game). Do these guys just stumble around in the dark? Are they ghosts? I think most likely, they just all go to bed at 7pm. This explains why barbarian villages don’t attack players – the barbarians are simply too mild-mannered from their early bedtime habits.

Maybe we’re the barbarians. </subtle attempts at being deep>

_in other “news”

I took 2 weeks off, and I’m a little behind on world events. To say the least. I shall be burying my head in the forums (hardly a hive of activity, unfortunately) and whatever group chats I can get my fingers into – otherwise, I’ll have to actually play the game to know what’s going on in order to blog about it. Ergh. So as always – suggestions are very welcome – even necessary, as this world slips below 400 players (currently online: 4, according to Mindblowing).

And (a late) happy Valentine’s day to all :). St. Valentine’s day is the second most popular occasion to send someone a card, after Christmas. The average American spent $116.21 on their Valentine. I was gonna make a post all about Valentine’s day (maybe with cameos from W24ers who met their better halves in the game), but no one wants to read 5,000 words on my own adorable boyfriend.

Besides me, and all the women/open-minded men of the world, of course.


  • Socks is bad at game updates.
  • She’d like suggestions on future content.
  • Happy Valentine’s day :D

Now, where the heck did they stick the PnP link in-game?