The History of 1ns4n3

March 16, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

‘1ns4n3’, the most powerful tribe on World 37. Want to know more about them? Then read on…

‘1ns4n3’ was a tribe that came from World 8 – core members from the tribe formerlly known as ‘Clorox’. ‘Merrick2’, founded the tribe on 15th April 2009. They joined the world known as ‘INSANE’, but decided they needed to go in a different direction, so they changed their name to ‘1ns4n3′. The name wasn’t very popular early on, and the tribe took a lot of criticism for it’s tag. Since world 37, nearly every single new world since has had an 1ns4n3 copy-cat tribe, proving that a name is what you make of it.

1ns4n3 was also criticized for being too spread out, but that would quickly become an advantage as, it allowed them dominate the NorthWest, and they quickly claimed rank one within a month and have not shifted since.

Many of the early conflicts have been forgotten but I shall retell the main wars.

‘1ns4n3’ started the world as a very independent tribe. They did not rush in to early alliances and kept to themselves until their first major war…

This was with the tribe called ‘MEMBER’, and as their name states they were a mass recruiting tribe which had over 300 members. They had followed ‘1ns4n3’ from World 8 where they had previously been enemies also. The war lasted for a very small period of time. They had recruited so liberally that they could not handle the massive organized attacks coming from the soon-to-be powerhouse of a tribe known as‘1ns4n3’. A mass of fakes were sent to ‘Member’ and they disbanded very soon after. “We tore them apart, ‘BlueEyedSandwalker’ was working on the war declaration thread, and before he could post it they’d disbanded – it was like a Mike Tyson fight: over before it started” recalls ‘AmishGangsta’, who is the other half of the leadership in ‘1ns4n3’.

Forum Post:

Two smaller wars followed, with the tribes ‘ARFCOM’ and ‘HAVOC’. ‘ARFCOM’ was another mass recruiting tribe, taking advantage of the 500 tribe member limit. The leadership in ‘ARFCOM’ had set ‘1ns4n3’ as an NAP despite not even contacting ‘1ns4n3’. When members of ‘1ns4n3’ began to attack and farm members of ‘ARFCOM’, the NAP that never was, was broken leading to ‘1ns4n3’ crushing the members of ‘ARFCOM’. ‘HAVOC’ was a territorial dispute in k42 which resulted in an ‘1ns4n3’ victory. However, it didn’t come without a price, as Amish recalls “That was pretty much a nightmare. At that time we only had a few members in k42 (seven or eight) and only three of them were active; HAVOC had about 200 members in that k alone. This was pretty much my first gig as an 1ns4n3 leader. The former k leaders had failed to get anything going – out of frustration. Nonetheless, I reached into my bad of tricks and pretty much fought them with propaganda. I wanted their leaders head and I wanted their members to turn on each other, which is what happened. I tell yah’, it was very tough for us to conquer k42, and I will never forget that war.”

So ‘1ns4n3’ began to make a name for themselves on World 37, and was earning a lot of respect – they didn’t make a lot of noise on the externals, however, when they did post, they had something interesting to say.
A problem then arose. Many of the former members of ‘Member’ were being recruited by a tribe called ‘SYN’. With noble counts very low in the early stages of the world, many escaped to ‘SYN’ who were another mass recruiting tribe with over 250 members and ‘1ns4n3’ were keen to end them. Not only were these players being recruited by ‘SYN’, but this same tribe were going behind 1ns4n3’s backs and, trying to rally all of the MEMBER leftovers to to attack ‘1ns4n3’. This then lead to the next war.

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Like, ‘Member’ they were torn apart by the organisation and sheer power of ‘1ns4n3’. ‘AmishGangsta’ had been recently promoted to War Coordinator and was a key player during this war. This conflict lasted much longer when compared with the skirmish with ‘Member’. It lasted roughly six months in which ‘1ns4n3’ gained the upper hand right from the start. ‘SYN’ did a very bold move in declaring on another tribe, called ‘NERD’. Naturally, ‘NERD’ retaliated by attacking ‘SYN’ also. This meant ‘SYN’ would claim they were being ganged up on. However, this was not the case as ‘1ns4n3’ were slightly annoyed that ‘NERD’ was joining in with this war. They did eventually work together which formed a relationship that would prove very important in the future…

A few months on from the conflict with ‘SYN’, ‘NERD’ began to receive many attacks from different tribes. Many tribes had gathered together to attempt to take out ‘NERD’. ‘pRo’, ‘SCUM’ and ‘powers’ were some of the tribes joining in. The members of ‘1ns4n3’ remembered how they had worked with ‘NERD’ during the destruction of ‘SYN’ and decided to come to their aid. They were also not keen on the idea of having these tribes as neighbours, which would have resulted if they had taken out ‘NERD’. Another incentive to help ‘NERD’ was that they wished to provide balance in the world as it was slightly unfair that all these tribes were ganging up on one.

This ended up in ‘1ns4n3’ deciding to declare on ‘SCUM’. They were closer than the other tribes and would also allow ‘1ns4n3’ to move closer to the core of ‘pRo’ and ‘Powers’.

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This is where ‘R.L.’ first enter the story. They discovered that ‘SCUM’ were planning an attack on them. ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘R.L.’ worked together and took out ‘SCUM’ in a couple of weeks. They did this through splitting the territory and conducting planned operations which proved successful.

‘1ns4n3’ kept ploughing through the other tribes in the north until another war came about which would take over World. This was against ‘R.L.’ “That war took a lot out of both tribes” says ‘AmishGangsta’. They forced the quitting of many key players and then recruited who they thought were good enough for ‘1ns4n3’.

“R.L. was faced with two front war from two of the worlds most powerful tribes (‘1ns4n3′ and ‘pRo’), their members were quitting, but we wanted to salvage some of the damage that was done, and recruit some of them as, they had some really talented players over there, at the same time, we used it as an oppourtunity to help our allies ‘~SA~’. They were getting hit hard by the southern tribes – ‘Ascend’,  ‘AD!’, ‘Bacon’ etc… (or what their names were back then), and we wanted to help them out. Thus, we ended the war with ‘R.L.’, recruited some of their players, and then hit the southern tribes pretty hard”, states ‘AmishGangsta’.

At the moment, ‘1ns4n3’ are clearing out the remaining resistance in the north including the tribes ‘Arisen’, ‘Hed’, ‘Xmen’ and ‘U.T.R.’ They are now looking to the south at the tribes ‘ASCEND’ and ‘AD!’ who occupy the majority of the South East of World 37. They have an alliance with the rank two tribe ‘~SA~’ and between them they own a huge portion of World 37. There are also rumours of a merge which could take place between the two tribes which would cause a huge impact on the state of things in World 37.

What does the future behold for ‘1ns4n3’? The look set to win the world, can they hang on to Rank one till the end? They are certainly in the driving seat at the moment and it is theirs to lose…

I would like to thank ‘AmishGangsta’ and ‘Merrick2′ for their help during the construction of this blog. Your information was priceless.