HighPerformance Update

August 23, 2010 in HP News, World News

High Performance Updates

This blog post will just be a short update of ranks, points and people to point out.


Rank Name Tribe Points
1 bulkster [I]nBz 4,221,987
2 Ferdevil [I]nBz 1,547,517
3 Fuzzy Tiger Of Doom [I]nBz 1,104,212
4 rhadookoo [I]nBz 838,934
5 News Flash NOHUGS 817,458
6 trucido [I]nBz 787,607
7 ALBANIAN1235 [I]nBz 741,061
8 LSquall [I]nBz 696,654
9 Experienced Noob [I]nBz 602,933
10 DarkF@rce NOHUGS 565,786


Rank Tag Points of best 40
1 [I]nBz 13,152,299
2 SHREK 4,367,746
3 NOHUGS 2,528,862

Players to point out are Bulkster and Experienced Noob.

Bulkster is rank 1, going strong with nearly 4x as many points as the person below him, even though he has a lot of points, his Opponents Defeated do no approve of his points because he is low on OD. He is good at the game and just needs to grow more, but good luck on winning the game and the pp.

Experienced Noob is currently rank 9, he was rank 1 for a while until he got attacked by the then rank 2 tribe [I]nBz and lost over 200k points when he was only around 350k points, this bought him down to rank 30 after time, he grew back, joined [I]nBz and is now going strong, good luck to him also.