High Performance: Week 3 (well, kinda)

June 27, 2010 in HP News, World News

Hello to the viewers at home! This week’s blog is up a little early because I have camp to go to.  Ranks have mostly stayed the same for tribes, while ranks for players have changed. To enlarge the map click on it, hope you enjoy…

Dominance Map

This week I decided to post the player dominance map because we’re getting to the point where it actually shows up :3. Ever K there is one main player in which K. Rhadookoo, Experienced Noob, Fuzzy Tiger Of Doom, and LSquall are the ones currently dominating their K. We’ll keep track and see if it changes.

Tribal Ranks

(note that the ranks are at the bottom) First off, congratulations to 3DX for making it to 1mill first, however, [I]nBz is still on their tail. Nothing moved in ranks, but GREM is beginning to close the gap between them and Smile. We’ll see if GREM can score rank 3 within the next week or so.

Player Ranks

In the past week, rhadookoo has been able to hold rank one. -Stormrage- dropped two ranks, while Experienced Noob and bulkster went up. Itirupcapu also dropped some ranks and Fuzzy Tiger Of Doom replaced him for rank 5. Some threats are out there, and recently Blaziken. have raised a few ranks.


This week I interviewed the leader of GREM, purely because of the rank that they achieved with a small member count.

Boba Bounty: Thanks for agreeing to this interview. First off, could you please explain a little about yourself, your history, and your position in round?

LSquall: I’m just another regular player, really. I played way back in world 6, then quit and haven’t played until world 49, quit that for HP however. in HP I help lead GREM, a tribe that seems to get unlimited amount of attention on the forums for different reasons, a lot of it just being speculation and rumors about what’s going on in the tribe ^^ besides that, I’m just trying to do my best to be the best in the K, and help the mates dominate as well

Boba: When you joined HP what were your reasons/goals?

LSquall: the speed of the server attracted me, and having an “endpoint” made it seem like there was actually a real competition, so that’s why I joined. Going in to the server, I wanted to test myself at the game and see what I could accomplish, initially not really knowing where it’d take me. as time went on, I started to jump the ranks (especially when I began to noble) so I took it upon myself to try a little harder, and naturally of course my goal now is to try and climb as far as I can in the ranks, helping GREM get as far up as possible, as well

Boba: Currently GREM shares a K with Smile. Do you see possible wars between the two? Clearly there are already some issues (nobling and stuff :3)

LSquall: i guess that depends on your definition of a war. We’ve (GREM) been expanding into their area, and nobling several of their villages, as you stated. Many players are dropping from smile, and a number of those are asking for invites to GREM. Every smile member who mails me complains about tomb’s leadership, the lack of support among each other in the tribe, and just overall poor organization. So if by war you mean both sides going through gains and both sides suffering losses, there will be no war, unless smile can get its act together soon.

Boba: You left Ronin a while back to join GREM. Reasons why?

LSquall: ctiemeyer, (the original) fudge depot, and myself were all in agreement that the leadership in Ronin was seriously slacking, that having an academy tribe in this world was pointless and limited the main tribe, and that the future of the tribe in whole was questionable, at best. The best option for us at the time was to leave and create a new tribe, with the goal of dominating the K not through numbers, but through playing well and organized.

Boba: Are you happy with GREM, where it’s currently at, in stats, etc.

LSquall: I’m very happy with GREM at this time. We been working well together, whether it be sitting for someone because of work, or attacking together in groups for effectiveness, we’re working well as a team, and seem to all enjoy each other’s company – which I feel is necessary for a tribe to survive

Boba: Are you happy with your personal stats?

LSquall: I’m very content. I’d like more villages, as everyone in the world would, but my ODA is at a good number, as is my position in the continent. I’m holding #1 in the K for the time being, and don’t plan on giving it up easily

Boba: If you could change 1 thing about the settings of this world, what would you change and why?

LSquall: unit speed. The world is at a much faster pace than normal servers, while unit speed remains relatively the same as others. The unit speed should be at a much faster pace than it is, to help accommodate those who are more active and take advantage of the speed of the server

Boba: What’s your opinion on tribe hoppers?

LSquall: it’s situational, really. If you just hop because you just joined a tribe that seemed to be promising, but after a day you realize it’s the worst tribe in the world, I wouldn’t hold it against you to leave and try a new. In general though, I just don’t see a point to it. you shouldn’t rush into a tribe in the first place, so when you do join a tribe, there should be a reason behind it, and that reason would hopefully factor in to your decision to stay in that tribe.

Boba: Well, thanks for the interview.

LSquall: cheers

Because LSquall mentioned a skirmish here are the stats:

Smile: 3
Difference: 2

The End

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to send them to me via the forum. And as promised, here are the top 5 tribes: