High Performance: Week 2

June 22, 2010 in HP News, World News

In the past week a lot of tribes have gone down, but the top five players have stayed with only a few rank changes. I had to chance to interview a local tribe hopper: Blaziken. I hope you enjoy!

Tribal Dominance Map

Click on the map to see the full size. Because the world is still early the tribal dominance map is up. The map is very simple in what it demonstrates each continent has one main tribe. [I]nBz pretty much has K44 under control, with a few Smile ennoblements. Smile has K54, and 3DX has K45 and K55. Oddly enough, there is a random Smile ennoblement the northern part of K55.

Possible Wars

Clearly there are some possible wars that are about to break out. Some obvious ones are wars within the top ten, mostly for expanding wars. This week feel free to message me in the forums with wars that you think will happen.

Let’s have a look at the top five players, and the top five tribes shall we?

Top Five Players

  1. rhadookoo
  2. -Stormrage-
  3. Experienced Noob
  4. bulkster
  5. Itirupcapu

Again, the top five is mostly populated with [I]nBz members. Within the next few weeks we’ll be watching to see if the top five goes through any major changes.

Top Five Tribes

  1. 3DX
  2. [I]nBz
  3. Smile
  4. GREM
  5. BP

There are some new editions to the top five, only two managed to stay. Smile raised ranks and scored #3. BP was rank 9 last week and got to rank 5. GREM was made this week and still got into the top ten. 3DX and [I]nBz have been going back and forth for the rank one position for awhile. A war between these two would be exciting :3.


This week I interviewed a CO of the account Blaziken. He is currently rank 10 and is a classic tribe hopper (something you don’t usually see for top 20 players).

Boba Bounty: You’re currently rank 10 overall in the world, and rank 3 in K55. What are your secret/rules you follow to get into the higher ranks and stay there?

Drluminus: To be honest, we haven’t been farming as much as we need to in order to get higher ranks. Also our targets seem to think it will be funny or something to try and defend so we end up losing a fair few troops each time we noble, or we ending up losing our nuke and train… Also we had an incident with Egotripper that lost us a few days of nobling and a solid week of troop building so that was a minor setback. As far as I’m concerned, as the day’s move closer to summer, we will move closer to rank 1

Boba Bounty: On a scale from 1 to 10, how competitive is the world compared to past worlds you’ve planned.

Drluminus: Uhm, like maybe a 7? Rhadookoo is doing pretty well, and miggy was doing very well until he got banned… There are a few players who I know are really good and who I’ve seen before, but I think as far as competitiveness goes, at the moment it doesn’t really matter, since most likely the majority will get bored and quit

Boba Bounty: You recently left 3DX, what was the reason? What is your opinion of them?

Drluminus: My co player did that for us, and tbh, that tribe sucked, leadership was nooby, forums basically consisted of threads titled “Invite (player name here)” All around, bad tribe.

Boba Bounty: In a previous chat we had, you mentioned about joining [I]nBz, recently they have been in and out of rank one. Do you think that [I]nBz will stay? Or be another fail tribe.

Drluminus:Uhm, to be honest with you, it crossed my mind to join them, and right now they have a lot of talent and a lot of very active players, but I can see many of their players quitting in the future, and honestly can’t see them lasting the whole time, although they may prove me wrong

Boba Bounty:Whats your past experience? (so people know how what to look out for and eat you)

Drluminus: I myself, joined tribalwars around the opening of W3 .net, so I’ve pretty much been everywhere and know pretty much everything about the game. My co player (blaziken is his actual account) I won’t put his past since I don’t know if he would want people to know or have a possible advantage on him, Just know that he is very good

Boba Bounty: so, I heard you liek mudkipz?

Drluminus: Uhm, don’t know what that is, so probably is my co player

Boba Bounty:

Boba Bounty: What were your hopes for High Perf. when you joined the world?

Drluminus: Obiously to be first or top 3 at the end, this at the moment is still within reach

Boba Bounty: What are your feelings about tribe hopers?

Drluminus: Well, our account is currently a fairly major tribe hopper, but for the most part it doesn’t affect too much people, if someone is in your tribe for two days then leaves, they haven’t gained much at all, and the leader and tribe have not lost anything.

Boba Bounty: I did that for the lolz. Anyways, thanks for interview mate. Good luck in HP.

Drluminus: No problem, you too.

Thing of the week

For this week try and find the best prank and send it to me via forum. The winner will be mentioned in the next blog/post and a link to the video.

Cheerio mates!