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June 15, 2010 in HP News, World News

High Perf. Blog

I’m Boba, a part of the famous blog staff. Each blog will contain updates on rankings, war stats, and an interview. This week I interviewed bulkster, the #1 player in HP. Enjoy!


Top 10 Tribes

Due to some odd things, I couldn’t add Smile’s tag. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. Bunny
  2. [I]nBz
  3. Ronin
  4. 3DX
  5. EliteS
  6. RPS
  7. Smile
  8. KNT
  9. BP
  10. -300-


Top 10 Players

The top 10 players are all either from Bunny or [I]nBz.

  1. bulkster
  2. Itirupcapu
  3. rhadookoo
  4. -Stormrage-
  5. Fuzzy Tiger Of Doom
  6. Blaziken.
  7. egotripper
  8. Does vs. Tank
  9. Modern Man
  10. Experienced Noob



This week I interviewed the #1 player in HP, bulkster. I hope you enjoy.

Boba Bounty: First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making it to rank one in High Perf. And, I was wondering how you think you got to that spot.

Bulkster: I would think I got to rank 1 thought playing smart and efficiently farming

Boba Bounty: You’re currently rank 47 in ODA. Are you happy with that number?

Bulkster: I wish it was lower the, high oda in the beginning of a world means you have lost troops.

Boba Bounty: It also means that you’ve cleared people, which is good. But I see you point. Bunny being rank one, does that spark any enemies/alliances?

Bulkster: every tribe that is rank 1 will have tribes wanting to attack them as they themselves want to be rank 1 so we do have our enemies.

Bulkster: as for alliances, I can’t really give info like that out

Boba Bounty: What’s the funniest thing that happened in this world yet? (to you)

Bulkster: when 2 players tried to gangbang me and cat me

Bulkster: pretty sure they thought catting me would slow me down

Boba Bounty:  Which tribe, according to you, the best tribe in this world, other then Bunny.

Bulkster: I would probably say [I]nBz

Boba Bounty: Reasons why?

Bulkster: from what I have heard they can coordinate well and they have a few high ranked players

Boba Bounty: which worlds have you played and what position/rank did you and your tribe had?

Bulkster: I’ve played several worlds

Bulkster: quite a few to mention

Boba Bounty: I’ve got time ^^

Bulkster: well I first played w2

I was in eaten =/

got up to about rank 900

then the speed rounds where introduced

so I played there for a while

topped most of the rounds I played

my next slow world was w15

I got to rank 13 and my tribe was rank 1

then w22

rank 1

and tribe was rank 1


rank 1

tribe was rank 1


rank 1

tribe was rank 1

Boba Bounty: Err; I think we get the picture. Next question…

Bulkster: ok lol

Boba Bounty:  If you could change 1 thing about the settings of this world, what would you change and why?

Bulkster: the unit speed

Boba Bounty: Reason why?

Bulkster: I just think it’s too slow you can’t grow as quick as you normally can because farming takes so much time

Boba Bounty: Off topic: What’s your favorite animal?

Bulkster: urm I don’t really like animals that much

Boba Bounty: What’s your favorite color?

Bulkster: blue

Boba Bounty: okay, great.

Boba Bounty: Thanks for the interview mate.

Bulkster: no worries


Dominance Map by nickjer

Each week I’ll flip from a Player Dominance Map to a Tribal Dominance Map. This week is the Tribal Dominance Map.


Challenge of the Week

There will sometimes be a challenge; however, the majority of the time there will be questions which can be answered on the public forums via pm.

This week I’m looking for a banner, feel free to make one and send it to me on the forums. But there is no guarantee that your banner will be picked. The winner will get 30 pp.


Thanks for reading and keep updated. Suggestions, questions, etc, feel free to send me a message on the forums. Also, currently I’m looking for a graphic designer, please message me in the forums if your interested.