Here We Go Again

November 14, 2011 in Special Features, Team Writings, World News, Worlds 51-60 News


Times are changing, and the same is true in Tribal Wars as it is with anything else. With These new changes, we would like to introduce a few new revolutionary changes to the game…


Tribal Wars Version 8.0 (found )

All updates create a sense of anticipation. Will this update screw up all my scripts, again? Are any of the improvements worth it this time? Why is Morthy out to get me? All of these are common questions the TW Community wonders each time an update is announced.

What will TW 8.0 bring?

With ArmyOfLoners

Startup-  A new feature has been added to the lure of joining a new world. Infact, this may be a once in a lifetime chance! With TW 8.0 the ability to join a world with a group of friends has arrived, and you can pre-order! Thats right, for the first time you can plan to join a world with your friends ahead of time, without the hassle of preparing a join plan and hoping to land nearby. Its not only good for the TW community, but I’m sure the mods are hoping it will cut back on some startup cheating as well ;)


End Game- Tribal Wars is meant to be captivating, from beginning to end. These days end game lasts too long and means too little; only the final winner takes all. Players leave worlds early and stop purchasing premium because, quite frankly, there’s little need to keep playing. We play the worlds first to fight and last to win. Only a few play to win first and fight last. The Secrets Of Power end game scenario will add a new twist. No one knows for sure exactly how everything will work. Innogames explanation is as good as you’ll get. What we do know is that it will add some flavor to an otherwise slow ending, and throw another variable into a game of luck. We’ll take a look at more of this later on in the issue…


Beginners-  Take notice! Building costs will be reduced, and a new tutorial will help you on your way, with some added surprises. The veterans will take advantage of this to the fullest, so be wary!


War!- Stats, Graphs, Nobles, Nukes, the excitement that brings tribal wars to life. 8.0 Improvements like the War Planner will help eliminate the need for intensive studying and map-making, and even the op script, to prepare an effective strategy. No doubt we will see some interesting wars where each tribe will try out this new development and take advantage of the easy communication it brings from leader to player. The claim bb-code will now allow you to link to your village claims and post a claims list that will show where tribemates are targeting.


Extras-  Last but not least comes the fluffy stuff. The easier the game is to play, the more premium we will buy to play it! Innogames is adding the command OK auto-focus that should allow for the T-method train to be used without focusing each command; a service aimed at TW vets. The Wall Breaker award is sure to be a hit. Awards were a fantastic idea, unlike the old army camps, that have changed the way some players play the game. Competition can only increase with easier report filtering, navigation, and overviews. They’re pulling out all the stops for this one…

Try it out!



With Yal-A-Dar

At High Noon on the 14th of November, a new world will dawn. The world will be 1 and a quarter speed with .8 troop speed…. Same old slow thing we have seen before? Yea I know, but it gets better I promise! Paladins and archers with advanced weapons and no church! So maybe we have seen that as well… barbs that can grow to 3000 points! And bonus villages… Yea, maybe we have seen that too.  4 days of Beginner protection and militias for your protection after that. Not only can you choose your starting direction, but an all new feature is here where you can pre-register with your friends and be part of the world from its first breath. I know most of this seems to be the same as worlds in the past but with this world there is a great secret…. And we wont be keeping it secret here. The cat is coming out of the bag.

So what is this big secret? Well its literally secrets, the technological kind. It turns out during the time you and your tribe are conquering the world and setting up superpowers, your philosophers and scientists and engineers are thinking away in your castles and performing experiments and sharing ideas in secret barbarian villages…  I know sneaky isn’t it? Well what does this mean for you? Some of these secret discoveries are breathtaking and awe shocking. They can change the very nature of your world; they can later decide who moves on into the golden age of the future…. So it is your job in late game to find these secret barbarian villages and take the secrets for your tribe and to stop them from spreading. This will get harder as the ideas flourish but should make for a interesting time in the late game’s wars and politics.

The Contenders

So just who do we have coming up for this brave new world? Let’s look at a few of the pre-mades this world has already sprung up.

Stoned and Undefined- will be led by alphabonkers, an old and experienced player, who will lead a small tribe to the greater glory and have some fun in the progress. Will definitely be a tribe to keep an eye on.

The Wheel Of Time- Will Be led by miwok another experienced player, the tribe appears to be made out of experienced players as well as mods and bloggers from the tirbalwars community. Their goal; to help educate and train the next generation of tw players.

Gamer  will be led by lenova and appears to be another tribe dedicated to teaching new players the different concepts of the game.


W60 will contain a new quest system to help players learning the game, as well as add a new flavor for older more experienced players. There are many guides out there from people that claim to be experienced and maybe even the best, but even they will tell you now, if asked, that the guides they posted years ago are no longer very reliable and could indeed cripple game play. The quest system will show you a lot of the steps to do early on, but as for the rest and the guide, remember these few rules.

-No guide will fit every circumstance.

-Building up resources is needed if you are unable to be on often or if you can’t farm or have bad farming in your region.

-Farming is one of the most important concepts of early gameplay.

-Farming is attacking other villages, namely barbs, and and plundering there resources.

-Taking resources is faster than growing them yourself.

-The paladin can be used to farm by its self and is very fast

-Spears sent alone without escorts will die if you send them to a village.

-When you send 33 spears at a barb or village with no walls or troops they will suffer no losses.

-When you can noble , it is best to conquer other players.

Nobling barbs limits your growth, as it stops your farming and does the same to others.

Nobling barbs near other players can upset them and cause you to become a target.


Now that you know the deal, its time to try it out. Get onto W60, enjoy the new settings, even suggest some of your own! You never know what may be next…

ArmyOfLoners & Yal-A-Dar