He Stole Our Hearts.. and Our blog…

January 7, 2011 in About Me Paragraphs, I'm A New Blogger!, World 038 News, World News

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Hello, I am NML0089, if you would be so kind and click “read more” you can find more information about me, and if your reading this, Guess what, I did steal your heart haha :)


My name is Kris, I am the World 38 Blogger, I play under the tag of NML0089, You may be asking your self What does NML mean? Well it stands for NoMansLand and the “0089” states 1989 the year I was born, The end of the 80’s.

If you have never seen me before then let me run by my History, I was born and raised in a nice little place called.. Too far, I have been playing Tribalwars since 2006/2007 on World 2, Then I moved into World 5 and then quit, Yes I left sadly.

Then I started World 26 and I was the blogger for them, I thoroughly enjoyed writing for everyone, So World 38 Please allow me to be your blogger and I will ensure a great read for all of you! Please also keep your eyes pealed here for some competitions.