Haul! or NoHaul ?

October 5, 2011 in World 056 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

I regret to inform you that the planned “End of September- Your Idea” blog issue has been postponed… Don’t worry, next issue will have the winner’s idea!

BUT! this issue of the blog is on a very recent development…

The Declaration of NoHaul vs. Haul!


We’ll look at the lead-up to the declaration and NoHaul’s cause for declaring, along with Haul!’s reaction. Keep reading to get all the facts you won’t want to miss!

Special thanks to Revlyk for the heads up on this development.

Before we look at the impact of this new war, let’s see what brought it all about…

History of NoHaul

Aaron: Can you give me some background information on No Haul ?

Sure, I guess the best way to explain No Haul, would be to start at the beginning, when we were Rim Wraiths.

I originally joined when we spread out straight down the link of K41/42 and K51/52 and TheWrongEnemy and Filliap where leading us. Recruitment was by no means selective then, and honestly we had a lot of players that did not have the motivation to learn the game, or the activity to succeed. This was proven in the Firm/TOW war where a lot of our members could not put up a fight in K51/52. During that war, we suffered a huge blow to moral, when TheWrongEnemy up and vanished. He had set no account sitter, and went inactive for a few days due to real life issues. At that time, Treasach and W56 L0L took over the tribe, and then after a few weeks, W56 L0L got banned, and quit the world. At that time, our present duke Spartan clan stepped up and started helping run the tribe. This was probably one of the best changes we have had, due to his activity, and leadership style.

He helped lead the tribe into a victory over Firm/TOW and the other tribes that had attacked us. About a month after the war ended, Treasach also went inactive and quit. But a new member Kustard King started assisting Spartan in running the tribe, and was responsible for the crushing defeat of Blitz. About the time Paolo, Stryker, Rachel all left [RIM], the two dukes, Spartan clan and Kustard King, decided that this tribe had grown stagnant. After talking to myself, and a few other members we realized that 20 members of the tribe were literally carrying the other 50+ members and that we would have no chance of ever winning is this continued on.

With a lot of our bigger players leaving/going inactive, we made the hard choice to pretty much start a culling in the tribe. We started taking note of our active/skilled players. Anyone who participated in the tribe was deemed a valuable member, while those who didnt participate in wars, didn’t assist fellow tribe members were deemed dead weight, and marked for internal, for the day that we finally got everything straightened out.

When we finally changed our tribe name to No Haul Heroes, we left everything behind us. the fears, doubts, inactivity that had previously held us back from taking any major action. We decided to make a fresh start, and to do so we internalled 20+ members that were deemed “dead weight”. And finally, started prepping for the biggest war that we had seen.
Its a tad brief, and I skipped over a lot of parts, but I believe that accurately sums up most of the major changes that has happened to NoHaul since I first joined and lays a decent foundation on why we’ve taken the steps that we have.

Agreed, how have NoHaul players felt about these changes so far?

There have been a few bumps since the changes first came about. Quite a few players like the name that we previously had, and felt attached to it. But most understood the reason why we changed our name. We couldn’t have past mistakes that leadership’s had made, and our own inability to act in any major conflict hung over our head. We had made a ton of changes to the tribe in an effort to become a world power, and we wanted a name that reflected that change.
But by in large, even some members that were internalled were happy with the changes we had made. A few said goodbye on our forums when their name appeared on the Internals list and helped other members noble them before deleting. They were glad to see the tribe finally becoming the tribe we had always wanted to be and losing the inactivity that we had for so long.

Thats pretty awesome, usually my members get ticked if they’re kicked :)

Yeah, we were pretty happy that most of them took it well. We still have a few of them in our Skype chat and talk to them frequently about how the tribe is doing.

Overall do you think these changes have put you in a better position to win the world?

As far as winning the world is concerned, I honestly haven’t looked that far. We’ve made some great improvements, and I believe that we are now in a position to win the entire West Rim and possibly push towards the core. But tribes like MoM and W2V are still out there and they have a lot more experience then we have so far on this world. So I guess we’ll find out if we have what it takes in the next month when a lot of our members get that experience of large scale war and the constant pressure of incomings.

Now that we have some background information, let’s take a look at the situation itself. Haul! are in a tough spot as most of you know, so what happens now will be a world changer for sure.





NoHaul are off the an expected head start up 4-0 but thats no real surprise. The next week will really show who will be the victor for this war. The first to +50 villages is likely to end up the victor, particularly if NoHaul continues to win the stats. While NoHaul is the newest addition to the war, they are not the biggest threat to Haul!.

Now this can give us some information. Haul! and OHYEAH have been going at it for awhile now, with OHYEAH the overall winner the last month as seen above. Rank 5 is topping Rank 3 in this head to head, with nearly 2000 less villages and 7 less members. All in all we’re only talking a 35 village lead which bodes badly for OHYEAH themselves. With NoHaul added into the mix they’ll get a good break but how much?

We really can’t see what’s in store without looking at the more recent stats…

A little more interesting to be sure. So what exactly can we expect? At this point two things are most likely to happen. Number 1, the added pressure from NoHaul to the OHYEAH and Haul! war will push Haul! over the edge. They’ve been working their way back in the stats, but now they have a new area to defend and a new war to fight. Take a look below at the new Haul! war front and the continuing OHYEAH front.

As you can see the southern border with OHYEAH has now turned into the Southwestern war front, doubling in size. Now we’re looking at twice as much support needed in a war Haul! was already losing.

But, this is only looking at the south.

Sorry for my poor maps this time around, trying to put this all together to get it out as close to the declaration as possible ;)

The north side of Haul! have their own tribe to handle: L@GHTR.

Another interesting piece of stats. Now Haul! have a budding war with NoHaul, a fresh blooded attempt against OHYEAH, and a stalemate against L@GHTR. How much can one tribe handle? How soon until a budding war comes to full bloom and a stalemate turns lopsided?

No one knows better than Haul! themselves, so I contacted 1stpheonix (or should I say he contacted me…)

You aught to interview me for the end of september issue :D -1stpheonix

Who would’ve guessed he’d ask at just the right time, albeit a little past the end of September.


Pre-NoHaul Declaration

When did you join up with Haul! ? :)

That would be about 2 months ago, roughly
Though I stlll havent gotten my 60 day achievment :D
Due to the whole Tarot fiasco :)

Tarot fiasco? ;)

Yes, many of the northern Haul! players felt slighted due to the abrupt discontinuation of the L@GHTR war, and to get leaderships attention we all left haul and formed Tarot.
I didn’t exactly feel slighted, I am just pro war :D
Of course, since rejoining Haul! we have wholheartedly pursued a war with L@GHTR
Though without sempronius :(

Have there been further internal issues in the tribe?

Truthfully, I did not pay much attention til recently.
I have taken at least 5 sits at any one time
It is near impossible to pass them on
There is mass inactivity, especially on the southern front with OHYEAH

Do you think the inactivity is the cause for the losing stats, or a reaction to them?

Personally, it is a reaction
There are good players down south, but the majority have quit as soon as incomings rise   I think that due to us being in a +50 world every leader assumes that their tribe is full of pros who have a 4 year long record
I have seen no moves to actively train newer players

So at the moment you would say there’s a real problem?

With my past leadership experience, I can see problems.

Are there other major problems on the horizon?

There does seem to be a decline in leadership,but, they may just be busy
I do not see a change in leading style though
Many of the Haul! leadership are conservative, and need a huge uproar to actually take a risk

Do the Tarot players still have ill-feelings towards Haul! ?

No, there are no ill feelings really, we are all players who look out for ourselves though we all have the same goals
They meant it when they said they will not attack Haul! unless attacked first
Me though? :D

Its your interview ;)

Hahahaha, a red dot is a red dot. I will always have them, one way or another :)

Run me through the Haul! vs. L@UGHTER situation, what exactly happened?

First, I’ll say, I am not in leadership, I do not fit with their styles xD
In the initial conflict, the war was rushed.
Expansion was running out, so a declaration was made
Well, not really. They were just marked as red.
And in the words of the then leadership, ‘This is just casual expansion’
After less than a week, the war was called off
Partly due to a change in leadership, but mainly because the ‘higher powers’ believed we could not fight two wars at once :|
Despite controlling multiple continents
We in the north, were gearing up and then, ‘poof’. All expansion was cut off in a matter of hours
And, as such, Tarot was formed :D
Within days Sempronius ‘martyred’ himself and had us rejoin Haul.
Under promise of war with L@GHTR, I rejoined as others did also
The war was reinstigated, and again the war was thought of nothing more but casual expansion
No declaration was made, apart from my post on the external forums
L@GHTR ended up declaring on us
Which solved the issue :D
That is, the general outline, of course :)

How has Haul! done with handling L@GHTR?

Haul! as a tribe, has done nothing.
It has been the northern players, who have done all the work

Is that the general consensus in Haul! right now?

That is the consensus of us northern players ;)

I’m assuming the leadership is more south? ;)

Yes, initially the tribe had specific players handling specific regions
Our leader was sempronius and to a lesser extend happysam
Now, we are more on autopilot
And it is working
But yes, I believe that leadership is pro-south
Though only due to the majority of leadership being in the south

What are the odds of a “Tarot”-like tribe reforming in the north?

That entirely depends on the moves of leadership in the future. Haul! is not the tribe I thought it was when I first joined
But then, I have very different ideals to many players :D
Though, if odds are what you want, I would give it a 30% chance


Post-NoHaul Declaration 

What do you think of Kusty’s declaration? :)

Impeccable timing. The leadership of haul is on its visible decline, and with the declaration of NoHaul Haul is at its weakest
Severe inactivity
Will likely see a collapse, or decline in growth, of haul
As far as NoHaul’s move, ultimately it will strengthen their position in the world
They will have a high amount of gains initially
As much support from haul will need to be rerouted
Personally, I saw this war coming, way before RIM changed their name to NoHaul

How do you think Haul! will handle the added pressure?

Not well as many people in the tribe believe that to win a war you must have complete focus
Too many people would rather block off an entire front than to actually trust individual members
Though, this comes down to the training each player has been given
In haul, training stops at the ‘library’
There are no mentors
And very few are interested in learning

You talked before about a possible split occuring in Haul!, should we expect that and if so how soon?

The split will likely occur at the end of the L@GHTR war
As by then, there will be no food left
Though, this comes down to how conservatively Haul leadership will act
Risks are what makes this game fun after all ;)
And everyone in the north are risk takers :)

What will become of the west half of the world if Haul! goes down?

If Haul splits, I imagine S-D will emerge again as well as NoHaul and OHYEAH picking up many new members
The northwest will however form a new tribe, of that I am certain

Who do you think will be the new western super power?

I believe NoHaul will dominate the most territory, but OHYEAH have the ability to be the major power

In a one on one fight, who wins Kusty or bigjay? ;)

Bigjay, though only because his coplayer has a level head and wont go crazy :D


There you have it mates, straight from the horses mouth if you will. It may be painfully obvious what comes next, but there’s always a chance. I mentioned before only the first possible outcome, with Haul! on the losing end. There is always the chance, no matter how slim, that Haul! can pull it together against adversity and take it to all three.

Whether we see the end of Haul! and the start of a new west, or success stolen from the grasp of failure, we’ll have an interesting next couple weeks.

Do you think Haul! was expecting this declaration?

Quite honestly, its a mystery to us.
There were only two real options for NoHaul to expand. That was either warring OHYEAH, or Haul!. By all accounts Haul! is the smarter choice, so its not really a blantant surprise that we are going to declare on them, but we also didn’t send them a mail giving them forewarning either.

How do you think the first few days of war will go? :)

Well, lets just say the word Blitzkrieg comes to mind.
We’re going to push hard and fast, and not give them a moment to rest.

Who do you think has the advantage overall?

I’d say that depends on how Haul! reacts.
They’ve had a lot of problems with OHYEAH, and with their northern players involved in a war against L@GHTR, they might not be able to stand up to the onslaught of 3 tribes attacking them.
If they manage to stand firm on their west border, I fully expect to see a good war, but frankly, No Haul should have the advantage. We currently have no other wars to focus on except the Haul! war, and we are going to make use of that.

What do you think of the current Haul! vs. OHYEAH war?

Honestly, I was a tad happy to see Haul! finally work up the nerve to retaliate and take Paolo’s villages.
That war has been so lackluster since it started, it was getting pathetic.
Haul! is the rank 3 tribe, and having that much trouble with OHYEAH was embarrassing. I’m glad to see it finally is turning into a war, even if Code had to get involved to even it up.

What will the west look like a month from now? :)

If things go according to plan, K42 will have new ownership.

Do you think Haul! can hold under the pressure from multiple tribes?

That will all depend on their new leadership.
It’s really hard to say, because their performance so far has been pathetic really.
I do hope they last a while, I really want our members to gain the experience they need from this war, but frankly I see a lot more of them going inactive once this war kicks off.
You know.. Business trips and things like that. ;)

I imagine, any other major plans on NoHaul’s plate?

You mean besides trying to make our villages look like a giant kitten on the map? ;)

Everybody has a dream right? ;)

Honestly. We still expect to be fighting Haul! in the next month, and besides that, we still have some organizing to take care of in the tribe. :)

That’s it for this issue, stay tuned for more info on this war and the phenomenon we call W56.

Wake me up when next issue’s done…