Happy Easter W13!

April 24, 2011 in World 013 News, World News

Today is Easter Sunday for those who celebrate it, and just another sunday for those who do not.  I think today, you may get a special surprise in the blog, so QUICK! go click the “MORE…”  button and read on!

First off, I’d like to say Thank You to Jehosophat for giving NML0089 and myself a promotion to the Head Blog Staff. You can read that article here (It opens a new window for you)

Lately I’ve been pondering the thought of doing a video blog for world 13, should make things a bit more interesting than the walls of text and pictures. Shall we go take a look at whats going on in World 13 now?

Here we go!

Current Map
From world data, the following tribes are left:

Current wars (with standings):

INSO vs ~PWC~ – 1,448  to 18
INSO vs FFS – 1,346 to 33
INSO vs 187 – 263 to 6
INSO vs Regime -101 to 0
~PWC~ vs P:R – 5 to 1
P:R vs Gensis – 0 to 23
NEB vs INSO – 484 to 2,055
NEB vs Bey0nd -34 to 57
NEB vs Gensis – 8 to 17
INSO vs Gensis – 2,340 to 184
Bey0nd vs Gensis – 337 to 716
Gensis vs Orion (For you Zathhh) – 5 to 3,173
FW vs P:R – 580 to 149
Vodka vs Inactivity  – 0 to 2 weeks

Did I miss any?

Now let’s see who’s on what side and do the world war stats.
From the data presented, it looks like INSO, Bey0nd and FW are all working towards the same goal, while everyone else is working towards a similar goal. So lets do INSO, Bey0nd and FW vs everyone else.

Time Frame = Last 3 Months

Side 1: FW, INSO, Bey0nd
Side 2: P:R, ~PWC~, FFS, 187, GENSIS, ORION, VODKA, N.E.B, Regime

Total conquers:
Side 1: 23,739
Side 2: 14,892

Total conquers against opposite side:
Side 1: 9,373
Side 2: 1,383

So it looks like side 1 is outgrowing the world AND eating more enemy villages than all the other tribes combined.
As mentioned in the last blog, this world is over and belongs in the endgame stages, give us cheaper nobles so side 2 can be put to sleep.

Stay on the lookout for a video blog! Also be on the lookout for a surprise, after talking with the higher ups in INSO, there may be a BIG news for the tribe on the horizon!