Hanging with Booza

August 21, 2009 in World 026 News

Hello World 26,

Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to allow me to bring you this, My longest interview with a person we all know, Booza.

NML0089: Hello Booza, Thanks for taking the time out for this. First RT and Now T4H, Why did RT Fail?

Booza:RT/pills started out as skill-based tribe, but gradually along the way I was forced to replace the strong and skilled players by pointwhores, by players with great sence of ego, and players not loyal to RT, but to me.

The initial core was gone, and I had a hard time replacing it. Fact is that RT was the strongest tribe until 3 weeks before it disbanded, it ruled w26 for a long time, and nobody even came close to match it (pointswise).

RT was beating BUL with over 50 conquers and had 10-mill-ish more points then the n°2 in overal ranking. Unfortainly I had to leave, a last instant issue, doc’s found out I had a heriditary disease that made my back literally turn to stone, so I got operated, and was ‘out’ for 3 weeks. Without me RT fell, there was a huge internal battle going on for power. The COLD-bunch did not accept the fact I gave Retribution and Leakingdarkness the duke privs.

With COLD leaving and BUL in the mean time practicly rim-ing T-bomb (a 500k player) in K53, RT lost power in K53 and lost millions of points due to COLD’s departure. It was a huge moral blow to the tribe, losing their leader, losing the war and losing their ‘top’ players. Something the tribe did not recover from. When I came back, I emediatly noticed the tribe was dead. There’s no use trying to repair a ship, when it’s going to sink anyway. BUL and Clear! were more then eager to finish of RT, so they prevented me from attempting to ‘repair’ the tribe, hence I took the easy way out, and disbanded. My biggest mistake in RT was the fact I was to dictatorial, I should have trained a co-duke, so he could take over during my depature. Someone that was as respected by the members as I was.”

NML0089: Some see you as a Spammer, Others a Propoganda King, What would you say to that?

Booza:A bit of both, I guess. But propaganda is a weapon… never underestimate it. During my duke-period, everything I posted on the public forum, was with a reason. And I dare to say that I used it brilliantly.

I prevented gang-bangs on RT and made important allies using PnP. However, as FFE put it so wisely, nowadays I just a one man show. I try to push tribes into doing the enivetable; a world war. It’s coming, it’s just a matter of who takes the initiative. My guess’ BUL. They’ve always seemed to have a ‘devil-may-care-attitude’, so my money’s on them going after Clear! or T4H.

NML0089: You were a Duke of RT Correct? and Are you wanting to Re-create the tribe and become the #1 Tribe again?

Booza: Yes, I was the only real duke of RT. I’ve had several offers to duke/baron several of current top 10 tribes. However my time as a duke is over for now. I need some rest! :)

Never say never, but at this point I’m just glad to talk to most of the dukes of w26 daily, so I’m informed about things, I still give my advice to several players, but I’m no longer forced to always solve everything and to always take the hard decisions. And I’m going to keep that way for a while. But, everyone who knows me, knows that I can’t help it, I play to lead, so in time, perhaps.

NML0089: What do you think about Clear!?

Booza: “I think FFE and Bounch are players that know what they’re doing. It would be an honnour for everyone to be in the same tribe as them. They lack some PnP presence, which is a huge down-side for me personally. Clear! has alot of players with alot of villages, which usually’s good because it simply means more D’s and O’s.

However, I’m not to found of them. They’ve been on the low for to long, the Moogle war turned out to be a gangbang, so that wasn’t fair, and [H] simply folded, not other explination there. So it took them 2 huge merges to become who they are now. Their war with COLD and SN isn’t that impressive neither, SN’s winning last time I checked the stats. I personally hope they’ll fail, because it would turn everything around on w26, so it would be more fun! But they should come out on topic. However, they are far away from world domination!

NML0089: What do you do for fun outside of Tribalwars?

Booza:I play soccer, and I’m still in college, so I go out drinking at least 4 times a week! :)

NML0089: What Tribes would you like to see go to war?

Booza: “T4H & BUL vs Clear! would be cool.

NML0089: Why?

Booza: Because it would be the test we’re all looking for. Clear! needs to set things straight in w26 and show they are the best. BUL needs to convince everyone that they didn’t defeat RT by being lucky, but that they really are the high skilled bunch they claim to be. And T4H needs to convince w26 that they’re not massrecruiting noobs, but that they deserve their spot!

NML0089: Who do you think would win?

Booza:BUL’s op combined with T4H’s huge support responce would be unstopable.”

NML0089: Do You enjoy LOL Cats, From your Profile Picture, Forum Picture, are you a Cat person?

Booza: “<3 LOL cats! _o_”

NML0089: If you could change anything about Tribalwars, What Would it be?

Booza: “There should be a possibility for different worlds to actually compete against each other. The biggest discussion that’s currently going on, is one between CTRL (w10) and DNY (w12). Who’s the best? Who’s the most skilled, …? There should be a way to test it!”

NML0089: Anything you would like to add? Let the world Know the Man/Woman behind the Name.

Booza:Yes, I’m a prick to everyone that strikes me as a noob. :)

Thank You all for reading. Booza is an interesting player, I can see him as the #1 player for World 26. Not by points, by using his propaganda to make everyone else quit.

Thank You,


World 26 Blogger