Greetings World!

January 7, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 046 News, World News


Hello everyone!

I am Ampatriot, the new blogger for world 46.  I am glad to be with you, and I look forward to representing my world to the public.

World 46 is an incredible world, full of exceptional tribes, and superb players, and promises to continue the roller coaster ride it has already provided during the last 12 months.

World 46 is a unique world, opened on January 3rd, 2010, after world 45 became filled.  It was the first world to have no tribe limit since world 1, and therefore quickly became home to the biggest tribe (player wise) known to the game with over 1200 members.

However, it was not long before that tribe fell, and several premades emerged as the true conquerors of the world. One by one they have fallen, and split, or created new tribes, larger and better than before. Only one premade remains to date, having conquered all those around it.

  • The Sith Lords are the leading tribe in World 46, as they have been for months. The only premade remaining on this world, TSL continues to conquer those around it. At rank 1 they control the entire northwestern corner of the world, and continue to expand southward towards their neighbors in that direction.


  • What Skill? is the second ranked tribe, created after the fall of the former top tribe, Funny. After Funny, a merge of two other top tribe (Bunny and FID), crumbled from within, Skill? was created from its ashes. With help of newfound allies TSL, they defeated southern rival 3DX and emerged as the powerhouse of the core.


  • TSB is the tribe ranked 3rd. They were created from the ruins of S.Q. and 3DX after the former were defeated by an alliance of TSL and Skill?. TSB is the most massive tribe to date, covering the most territory.


  • Twisted Anarchy is ranked 4, situated on the eastern portion of the world. They appeared suddenly from the ruins of a failed merge, and were attacked by the northern power at the time, named 1337. Against all odds they did defeat 1337, making their mark on the world.

These 4 tribes, controlling over two thirds of the world, are undeniably the forces that in some form will continue to shape this world.

TSL, Skill?, TSB, and Anarky…. what will the outcome be?

Here are some thoughts from players on the world:

Ampatriot: What do you think the future will be for world 46?

Mylax(TSB): Honestly I would have said 2 months ago TSL was the tribe to beat, but I like our (TSB’s) chances now.

Skinnytoothpick(KIAN):The future on how long 46 will last all depends on if these wars that happen are good, or people just quit because they lose interest. We need to make this an exciting world to get current players to stay and encourage new members to join.

ChachiINcharge(Skill?)I think the future of the world will depend on 2 things

1. The finality of the actions between skill and anarky (and their pawns)

2. the potential new organisational skills of TSB.

Ampatriot: Who will be this world’s winner?

Open Mind(TSL):The barbarian tribe

Thegrinreefer(ANARKY): Me of course

Skinnytoothpick(KIAN): It is a tossup between Skill? and TSL.

Zeusasa(TSB):I honestly think TSB is in the driver seat. The dedication and teamwork in this tribe are awesome.

ChachiINcharge(Skill?): TSL will be 1 of the 2 last standing

What will happen? Will any of these predictions come to pass? Who, if any of these 4 tribes will win World 46?

Only time will give the answers to these questions. The best of World 46 is yet in the wings, so please stick around and enjoy the show!