Greetings World 57!

June 8, 2011 in World 057 News, World News

Hello World 57! I am Ampatriot! And this is your blog!

Some introductions should are in order of course, so I will begin with myself.

My name is John, and I have been blogging for six months for my first world, world 46. I currently play on that world under the name Swordalchemist, a name that many of you probably recognize. Those of you that don’t… please don’t worry! I won’t be on World 57 under that name anyway, so it won’t be an issue.

I will be posting at least a blog a week for this world, most likely more. Blogs will consist of statistics, interviews with players, and other assorted information! Your input is needed of course, and this can be sent to me in a variety of ways. A list of ways to contact me will be posted on the bottom of this blog, so please take that into note.

Any other questions about myself or this blog can be directed to those said methods of contact with myself. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there are any issues or questions.

Next… we are onto the good stuff! World 57 settings!

Speed: At 1.25, game speed is not extremely fast, but fast enough to keep things fun. Comparatively, this speed is close to the average game speed, so don’t expect a hastily finished world.

Unit Speed: At 1, troops will hardly be crawling to their destinations. Again… not extremely fast, but fast enough to keep things interesting.

Paladin: Weapons are enabled! The fact that pally’s exist is a welcome site for avid farmers. A possible detriment to this will be of course “bonfire villages” as many players will no doubt stack villages with catapults and use the paladin weapon “bonfire” to annihilate enemy troops.

Churches & Archers: The absence of these will simplify things greatly. Whether that is a good or bad thing, is up to you.

Coin system: This system of course enables players to rebuild nobles at a low cost to themselves, rather than having to pay for an entirely new noble. I personally have always preferred the coin system… but maybe that is because it is the system that I learned the game with.

Morale: Points and time based morale has been standard for quite some time now I believe, and this world is no exception. All it means is that smaller players will have reasonable protection against those larger than them. I personally, like many players, am simply indifferent to this setting.

Barbarian & Bonus villages: Nothing special here either. Bonus villages, or villages with special abilities are used on most worlds, and are usually adored by those who noble them. The barbarian villages do not grow exceptionally large however, so it is doubtful that most players will consider nobling them.

Tech System: Ahh, nice and simple! One tech level takes care of each unit, instead of multiple tiers.

Beginner protection: Not excessive, and just long enough for most players to get a nice start on their villages.

Tribe limit: A large tribe limit! Still, undoubtedly some massive family tribes will develop, and will become as always the favorite target of flamers all around.

Fake limit: Oh noes! A limit on fakes being sent is actually liked by many players, as some see it as a challenge. To me however, limiting fakes just gets in my way. However, one thing that I do adore about this is… that I will not have to be bothered with thousands of fake attacks any longer! More real attacks… less fakes!

And those are your settings folks! I will have another blog out shortly with an overview of some of the top premade tribes on this world, along with possibly some interviews with their leaders!

Stay tuned folks! And let the show begin!

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