Good vs. Evil TW style!!

August 29, 2010 in World 031 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

Wars, Wars, Wars!!!! Is there ever any PEACE!? HECK NO, It wouldn’t be any fun!

This week I will be talking about the ~OL~ & Kilzom merge, Rie vs FearUs, and Free vs ??

Stay tuned to get the update on every thing tribal wars in w31.

~OL~ Merges….AGAIN!

Last time the blog was posted we were discussing the merge of ~One~ and ~LEP~. Free had declared on the tribe that was named ~OL~. Hostilities were made against the two tribes but Free would eventually get this tribe up and running just like ~ONE~ had ran before. The leader of free had said at the beginning of the war, ” Its not a knock to them at all!” He was confident there was no beating his tribe, and his intentions was true. How will the world ever get rid of free?  So now Free is fight kilzom, and the remaining ~OL~. There will be another blog posted soon with the interviews of both Free’s and Kilzom’s leaders. So stay tuned.



Speaking of free lets take a look at their progress.

Free the World…You know

They’ve been #1 since January 25, 2010 and haven’t look back since then

Ranked #1 in ODA

Ranked #2 in OD

Ranked #3 in ODD

282,848,988 Points

41,450 villages 27264 Conquers and counting!

They are at war with KILZOM (#5 tribe), Use it (#8 tribe), and -X- (#9 tribe).

Cricket, Cricket…..Cricket, Cricket. Ummm well i’m speechless! Theres no breaking Free in this war obviously. But anything can happen in w31! Stay tuned as I keep an update on all tribal wars in w31.


Oh this war Is HOT! The stats are up and down players are quitting and players are leaving! Just last week Rie. F had taken its place as the #2 in the world. But FearUs didn’t stand for that and quickly gained their spot back. Leaving Rie back where they were before. The war is a mixture of everything that makes a war great. That is why this one will go down in history!

Here are our stats from when the last blog was posted till now.

Rie has been leading this war from the start and it looks like they want to keep it that way! If they want keep the lead they need to pull ahead because FearUs is not far behind at all, Matter a fact they have lead this war a few times. Keep it up you guys the war is not even half way over!

These are the stats since the beginning of the war.

Rie F. Is doing tremendously well overall but FearUs did say this is only the start. Lets see what will happen as I follow the FearUs vs Rie war. I think this is going to be a long drug-out battle. But stay tuned and find out if it will be Rie with the next tribe breakdown and will they be able to recover as fast as fearus did?


World Statistics

2,192 players…..World 31 has gained players! 8}

There are 206 tribes left on the world. Only 198 of them are above 126 points.

W31  Top Tribes

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 player Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 FREE 282.957.522 406.983.802 68 5.985.056 41463 9.816
2 FearUs 213.290.779 267.081.032 68 3.927.662 27239 9.805
3 -RIE- 206.502.691 283.558.860 67 4.232.222 28698 9.881
4 *RIE* 88.027.856 91.135.862 47 1.939.061 9493 9.600
5 KILZOM 69.630.298 71.971.861 66 1.090.483 7524 9.566
6 Chosen 56.109.371 56.109.371 28 2.003.906 5771 9.723
7 =V= 40.783.409 41.750.682 58 719.839 4480 9.319
8 Use it 25.971.172 25.971.172 17 1.527.716 2784 9.329
9 -X- 23.556.650 23.556.650 19 1.239.824 2650 8.889
10 Frogs 17.514.927 17.514.927 10 1.751.493 1788 9.796
11 AA 14.790.727 14.790.727 5 2.958.145 1512 9.782
12 BLIM 12.430.656 12.430.656 37 335.964 1383 8.988
13 ~FHS~ 11.778.796 11.778.796 30 392.627 1226 9.608
14 PUSH! 10.938.797 10.938.797 8 1.367.350 1039 10.528
15 SB 9.328.690 9.328.690 6 1.554.782 1026 9.092
16 BOA 9.080.476 9.080.476 21 432.404 963 9.429
17 Simple 6.351.693 6.351.693 1 6.351.693 659 9.638
18 MT 5.422.533 5.422.533 3 1.807.511 585 9.269
19 ODD 4.654.909 4.654.909 1 4.654.909 453 10.276
20 ~ONE~ 4.584.854 4.584.854 4 1.146.214 503 9.115

Slashy13 has been chosen as my player of the week.

4,225,266 points

428 villages

Ranked 129

16,924,899 OD score

Hey, Im Ebony w31 blogger. I would like you to be my player of the week.


How long have you been playing tribal wars?

Feb 14 last year.

Wow thats a long time is this game still fun to you now that everyones so serious about every little thing?

Yes,its still fun for me but i really hate that no one dares to attack me:p..Since I am mostly defensive thats really sad..

What’s the hardest part of this game to you?

The Hardest part of the game for me is nobling in far off K’s where it takes a lot of time to travel and sometimes fail.

Well thank you for your time I have to go now. Bye.

On the record…

If there were any one you could bring back to tribal wars who would it be and why?

  • Karibik – Alright. This is a hard question to answer, There are lots of names that come to mind, M0rten, LemmyCaution, The Darklord of War, and the list goes on and on. However if i had to choose one player, i would go with the original JorgeSumwon. His name was Ian. He is the only reason i ever made it into the TPU. Which was the tribe that started my career as a notable player of World 31.
  • Jonu36- Don’t know if you already know this but i have lost a lot of friends… Most of my friends have been gone for months so this is a hard question.I think i gotta say Smiiily, just to show him how stuff changed and thank him for believeing in me

  • AHL- Jinx0401, One of the best players I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. She held the same mind-set as myself, which allowed us to found Limbo. One of the few players I would ever want to get to know outside of TW due to her amazing personality. lordarcadia and I still wish to convince her to come back.
  • Xzavior1- lemmycautionbecause he was the best!

  • Acornrxs – ashenfall or shrimpymartini … i played with them over a year. (sorry about the name!)
  • freefree23- No one
  • Bamaladylois- at the moment I can not say anyone the ones that are here and now have been with me for awhile and I know I can depend on them as well as they know im there for them
  • Raczar- Nope. If they left on their own or were nobled they aren’t supposed to be here
  • kirtrocklord- mika25she was a good friend, and supported me when hell atcked me.may she r.i.p

  • Sirskipalot- yakutat, He was a great player. Was a huge lose back in Oct last year.
  • JessieIam- Chaotic Joker, He was a beast, one of the first to hit a million, before everyone was over a million. Top 10 ODA, top 10 points, and just a skilled player. Taught me a lot.
  • Mr. Anonymous-  Tdiddy and MorgothTheDarkLord and Deanfyfield84.. Were hands down the 3 best players when this world started.. diddy and Morgoth were the best attackers I ever seen.. they matched each others timings perfectly in attacks and noble trains with Dean supporting all villages they took. Perfect trio. They were the orginals of this world when it first started in k64