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August 12, 2011 in Graphics, I'm A New Blogger!

Hi, my name is Genetic Engineer and as of a recommendation by Repinski, the graphics forum will now be having a blog ! I will be  the one writing up the weekly blog for you guys :)

Introduction :

Name : Lewis Jones
Age : 16
Location : England
Worlds : 56+57

My Experience :

I’ve been doing graphics for quite some time now. I started out with some very basic pixel art quite some years ago on a forum, where I then wanted to make my own signature to use on the forum, from there I have continued practicing and getting more involved in graphic communities.  To take it even further I am planning on doing graphic design at a local college, along with some other subjects. The main reason I Moderate, and now blog for the graphics section is because I love the community and I like to help make it better, that’s what I hope to achieve with this blog, an even better graphics community.

My aims with this blog :

In this blog I hope to do quite a lot throughout the week, firstly all competition winners will be placed into the blogs as a little summary of all the winners of the week. I will also attempt to interview somebody from the graphics community every other week, until of course I run out of members that is. I will also be running a “Best signatures of the week” section where by every week members will recommend signatures to be included, some of the best signatures posted on the forums through out the week will be included. With a bit of work we could even make this blog include things like resources for the week.

Contact me :

If you want to talk to me regarding anything be it blog or graphics, you can feel free to add my on skype at : Genetic-Engineer : I’m on most days, but if you can’t reach me just leave a message and I will get it when I log in.

Genetic Engineer