Frontlines Hawks V Legion

July 31, 2010 in World 033 News, World News

Hello World 33 .

This short issue focuses solely on front line play .

With interviews with the leader of Hawks Armylover8 and an interview with a front line player .

First though a congratulations to IFY who just overtook Stiker de grey in the ODA chart with a whopping +4,077,912 in one day. Will Stiker take his crown back ?

ArmyLover8 Interview

[15:49:29] Richard: Hi Army co duke of hawks

[15:49:46] Richard: Thanks for taking your time to let me interview you about hawks

[15:50:05] Richard: How did hawks start off in world 33, premade?

[15:50:47] ARMY: Hawks started as a premade tribe originating from world 23…

[15:51:33] Richard: Ok thanks. What were the wars you were involved in before this legion/Detox war? A brief overview of what happened in the war please?

[15:58:36] ARMY: I don’t know that you can really classify the military actions we had before the Legion war as wars. Mostly are one sided affairs. The only true wars that we were involved in were the wars against WHO, and then the war against E=MC². The war against WHO was not much of a war, it started when Hawks merged the tribe COLA, and inherited the politics involved there. Eventually WHO merged into LEGION? The war against E=MC² was a war of Hawks against E=MC² in K54… and resulted in the E=MC² merge into Hawks and the alliance with the rest of E=MC² smaller players.

[16:01:17] Richard: I’m sure you were warring Detox before legion stepped into the frame right?

[16:02:31] ARMY: I failed to mention the war with DETOX, probably because it was a war that HAWKS did not want and do not want now. DETOX at one time was a great ally. They had a lot of great players in the tribe. Brettgolding, the original domin8rix, mines long, just to name a few. There have been a lot of mixed feelings involved in the fighting of this war. There is still a measure of respect for a lot of the old DETOX members.

[16:06:10] Richard: How do you feel the current war with legion & Detox is going?

[16:15:16] ARMY: Well, right now I feel that it is kind of a mixed matter of affairs. Currently Legion, are doing well in some areas of the north, while at the same time, Hawks are doing well in the south. Both sides of this war have their warriors acting as spear heads in the war.

As far as good and bad points go….

I feel that this war overall has been played out respectfully by both parties. I feel that this is partly due to the relations that Hawks have had with DETOX. There has not been much of the insulting mail that you often see in wars like this.

With this being an east/west war, being fought between just a few tribes, it has bred a problem with inactivity with many that are far from the action. The speed of this world and the travel limits for nobles plays a large part in that also.

[16:17:46] Richard: What do you think played a significant part in getting hawks to number 2 in world 33 ?

[16:21:01 | Edited 16:21:46] ARMY: In the beginning of 33, being a premade tribe of great players, we expanded quickly, claiming dominance in 3 continents. Add to that a couple key merges that fortified our position in 33.

[16:23:46] Richard: Late game?

[16:27:46] ARMY: Late game, we continue to prosper due to the actions of our warriors. Stiker de grey and freakazoid2 are forces in the north, while acid burn247, stabes, bardens, covact along with several others all dominate in the South.

[16:28:49] Richard: So E=Mc2 work closely with you too?

[16:28:57] Richard: What are the actions of TW?

[16:30:24] ARMY: E=MC² and TW both play their part in the war. Their efforts are vital to our success.

[17:43:04] Richard: Q. Now that you are the top of the chain, what are your future plans and goals?

[17:43:08] ARMY: My goal now is what it has always been… to dominate w33

[17:43:12] Richard: Q. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

[17:43:19] ARMY: The thing that people want for the enjoyment in the game of TW differs from person to person. Some like the challenge of leading a tribe, others like the aspects of running their own little empire, and still others I wonder what their enjoyment is…. lol. But I would like some things done to make the tedious tasks of developing villages a little easier… maybe something like mass building options.

[17:43:21] Richard: Who is the player you most respect out of the following tribes?

A: Legion

B: Hawks

C: E=Mc2

D: Detox


And why you respect them the most?

[18:55:52] ARMY: Most From Legion…. I have not talked to many players from the tribe on a lengthy basis… but IFY is a devoted player, and a force.

Hawks…. My respect here goes to Stabes. Stabes is a great friend and his loyalty in unbreakable.

E=MC²…. Myterms1, she is a person that has done so much for the E=MC² tribe since the merge… Her loyalties to those still in the tribe have kept her a part of E=MC².

Detox…. I will have to go back to the original domin8rix. She is what made Detox, and remains a good friend to this day.

TW….Baseball2009star, he is a player that will help out whenever necessary, and has been a big part in TW’s role in the war against Legion

[17:44:16] Richard: How long will you continue leading hawks for?

[18:58:21]ARMY: The Hawks has been a big part of my RL enjoyment for quite a long time now. I cannot see me quitting a leader of the Hawks until our tribal goal is met, that being w33 domination.

[17:44:26] Richard: How long do you believe the war with legion will last?

[19:01:11] ARMY: How long do you believe the war with legion will last? I think that the answer to this question depends alot on your definition of “the end of the war”. I don’t believe that this war will end with the winning tribe taking the last village of the other. I believe that inactivity will play a major part in the war’s end. That is sad.

[17:44:37] Richard: Where you will be targeting? :)

[19:01:55] ARMY: Let me just say that any legion player is a target.

[20:45:39] Richard: Thanks army for your time and that great interview I look forward to add it to my blog :)

Humble words from Hawks’s leader when he said  he respected Detox and Legion .

Confident words when he said all other wars apart from E=mc2, Who! war and this war were walkovers. He still believes hawks will come back , but do you ?

Anyway heres my interview with Mines long 12 (Jack)

[15:54:06] Richard: Hello Jack

[15:55:18] Richard: Q. Before we start our official TW discussion, tell us a few things about yourself and what you do in RL.

[15:56:33] Jack: I am a 17 year old male. Currently go to school. Used to play football for Fulham Academy but had to quit because of my leg. Other hobbies are basically every other sport and destroying everyone on my PS3 . That’s about it really.

[15:58:06] Richard: Q. How long have you been playing TW and how did you come to know of this game?

[15:59:56] Jack: Started playing about 3 years ago. Not sure really, I wasn’t introduced by anyone I just found it randomly. Probably some ad on another website I was on.

[16:02:14] Richard: Q. How did you start playing W33? Did you come here with other guys or just started randomly?

[16:06:35] Jack: Well I first played world 6 but got completely rinsed as I joined the world late. I had 6000 and I got nobled by someone with 1.5 million :D then I played world 14 and world 19. This is where I made a lot of my friends that I know today. Played in two of the best tribes on those worlds. Then I broke my leg for the first time and had to quit both those worlds. I came back to tribal wars about half a year later and world 33 was the new world out. I joined and was intrigued by the church which was a new feature. So I continued to play that world etc and this is where I am today.

[16:07:29] Richard: Any players you have met along the way that you miss/ wish were still in w33 ?

[16:10:40] Jack: Spushkin is one I believe he is now playing world 38 and a player called Jing Yan. He taught me virtually everything I know today. I was one of these people who thought I knew everything and didn’t read any of the guides. He saved me on world 14 a number of times and taught me how to play. If there was one player I could play alongside now it would be him. Then of course a lot of the world 14 and 19 players are still playing to this day I still check up on them and stay in contact as much as I can.

[16:12:32] Richard: anyone from world 33?

[16:14:14] Jack: Obviously all my DETOX friends I like playing with. I would like to play alongside Acid Burn247 and faramirfox instead of against them. I have played alongside everyone else I would like to :)

[16:15:45] Richard: ok Q.  How many hours do you dedicate and how do you plan to succeed?

[16:19:25] Jack: I would say I dedicate about an hour to TW. This isn’t constant I come in and out check for incomings mails reports etc. Then leave I come back about 10 times a day to check for different things. If necessary I can spend more but I would rather not. I have the scripts to minimise the amount of time I spend on here. My plan to succeed is probably different from everyone else’s. I play this game not to win. Of course winning is fun but I enjoy making new friends that I can talk to daily about random stuff. So as long as I make as many friends as possible and meet loads of new people I am quite content.

[16:22:41] Richard: Yes friends defiantly make you want to play when times get hard, on to the next question

[16:22:56] Richard: Q. We would like to know a little about how you play your style?

[16:26:23] Jack: I am a more defensive player as you probably know because I have saved your behind many a time ;) however I am all for random nuking and mass faking. Anything to help other people out. I would say though I prefer defending then attacking. I enjoy sniping peoples trains and stacking against nukes. Timing is everything in my game. I would rather take one village with nukes nobles and support landing within seconds then noble 5 villages with sloppy timing.

[16:29:34] Richard: [17:42] Richard: Who is the player you most respect out of the following tribes?

A: Legion





And why you respect them the most

[16:31:37] Jack: LEGION I think I would say I respect Wesgan the most. He is very good at the game but also is a very unselfish player. He is always sorting out other people’s problems before his own.

[16:33:41] Jack: HAWKS I think it has to be acid burn247. Him and qoos both know what they are doing. They are both superb defenders and if qoos could just move to a better browser he would be awesome at attacking as well.

[16:34:11] Jack: E=MC2 has to be faramirfox, he is one hell of an attacker and despite a couple of knockbacks recently I am sure he will come out fighting again.

[16:38:31] Jack: DETOX is probably the most difficult. A lot of these people are my friends so I cannot just choose one. Mavarok and domi I have been with for almost the last 6 months or so and I respect them both, would do almost anything for them. Then there is mrclean and jpetak both are great players and very aggressive players. I have played with these two since virtually the beginning of the world. So basically everyone in DETOX.

[16:40:24] Jack: And lastly TW. I know almost nothing about this tribe. They have been in the backlines for much of the last 6 months. However I think it has to be baseballstar. He has actively moved to the front and fought us, he is always supporting his friends and is generally a good player despite what people may think.

[17:45:23] Richard: Q. Do you have any suggestions for the improvement of TW? What would you like to see as a part of making the game better and more enjoyable for the players?

[17:46:34] Jack: 1. I think they should stop opening worlds as often. People end up leaving worlds because of other more attractive worlds. I think 1 every 4-5 months is more than enough.

Richard: How do you feel about the speed of this world?

[17:47:04] Jack: I like the speed because it allows me to get on with the rest of my life without having to worry about this game as much.

Richard: Do you wish the morale penalty wasn’t as harsh if any morale at all?

[17:47:25] Jack: I like the morale penalty. Meant IFY couldnt attack me during the Who? war ;)

Richard: Who do you hate most in this world?

[29/07/2010 17:48:24] Jack: PZA7. Unfortunately I just do not see eye to eye with him. I could not stand being under his leadership and feel that pimpjam deserves to be the leader of LEGION. Pza just doesnt do enough to be the leader of a number 1 tribe regardless of the world.

Richard: Which tribe do you most fear on w33 at the moment?

[17:49:20] Jack: I do not fear a tribe per say, however I would say that if I was on the opposite side I would fear a mass attack from LEGION. They are the most powerful individual tribe in this world at the moment and i wouldnt like all those nukes coming at me.

Richard: Which tribe do you believe holds the most aces (Player ability Respect etc), going into the summer?

[17:50:10] Jack: I believe TW to be the tribe of this summer. I feel they are going to become a lot more prominent these upcoming weeks. They have finally got themselves to the front in the south and in comparison to the rest of the war effort this summer will be their best yet.

Richard: Player who could prove to make the biggest impact within the next 6months?

[17:50:51] Jack: Player who has the potential to make the biggest impact I believe to be Acid Burn. He has k55 in the palm of his hand. When he wants to he freely takes villages there. He is one to watch out for.

[17:54:31] Richard: How do you keep all your villages on the front line ? Tribalwide support ? Turtle ? offensive ?

[17:54:57] Jack: I am generally an amazing player

[17:55:39] Jack: Jokes I suppose I always keep some sort of stack in my frontline villages. Then of course I have some great friends who put their necks out for me and support me as much as possible :D

[17:55:40] Richard: Also last but not least who is the player you hate the most who you share a frontline with?

[17:58:34] Jack: Ok then. Just one more bit to the player I hate on a frontline with :D If it is based on competing villages then I have to sort of hate acid burn the most because I always lose against him. However just generally I would have to say mattylawson because I never saw eye to eye with him and he killed loads of my nukes :D

[17:59:30] Richard: ok thank you that is all :) Thanks for your time Jack.

Heres the stats from a number of frontline players against their enemy tribe !

Legion players V Hawks

Players: IFeelYou

Tribes: HAWKS

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 99+ in IFY’s favour

Difference: 913,900

Player: pimpjam

Tribe: HAWKS

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 23 in Pimpjam’s favour

Difference: 211,226

Player: papoomio

Tribe: HAWKS

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 128 in Pap’s favour

Difference: 1,005,098

Player: Mines Long12

Tribe: HAWKS

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 3 in hawks’s favour

Difference: 22,671

Player: Domin8rix

Tribe: HAWKS

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 3 in Domin8rix’s favour

Difference: 22,262

Player: Mavarok

Tribe: HAWKS

Timeframe:Last 3 months

Difference: 16 in Mavarok’s favour

Difference: 138,896

Shows most of legions players are beating hawks by quite a far difference.  Whereas Detox members are barely beating Hawks mostly a stalemate with one member loosing ! Anyway, Il be planning some major operations since we have all been slacking (including me).

Hawks Players V Legion

Player: thegame45

Tribes: LEGION

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 12 in Thegame45’s favour

Difference: 110,067


Player: Stiker de Grey

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 32

Difference: 174,377


Player: stuart allen

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 20 in stuart allens favour

Difference: 157,789


Player: mattylawson

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 10 in Mattylawson’s favour

Difference: 82,760


Player: Acid Burn247

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 55 in acidburn’s favour

Difference: 372,341


Player: Bardens

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Difference: 100

Difference: 878,567

Hawks’s players prospering are the ones in the south the exact opposite to legion and what was highlighted in the last issue of the blog . Well done to Bardens who had the most conquers out of the 3month period i the war with a nice round 100.

Heres all of Legion & Detox V Hawks

Side 1:

Side 2:
Tribes: HAWKS

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,100
Side 2: 809
Difference: 291

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 8,501,079
Side 2: 6,215,841
Difference: 2,285,2380

A close war as it is then .

300 conquers is nothing for now but im pretty sure they will want to improve and make the small gap bigger !

If any of you are wondering why E=Mc2, TW and Detox in parts were not included this is because this weeks was based more on the Legion V Hawks and the frontlines. Im sorry if I offended any of you !

Barb Wars is a part of the blog I have decided to do in every other issue , therefore being missed out this week.

Random Achievement !

Special shout out to

6 guderian54 5,151,953 659 7,818 +157,151 +1,026,161 +5,160,386 +1,750,143 +2,018,773 +2,146,449 +2,275,474

With that much odd im guessing IFY had something to do with it after 4million+ ODA in one day !

Most conquered this week top 5

From the last 7 days

Rank Player Conquered Villages
1 Mines Long12 83
2 Acid Burn247 82
3 mattylawson 75
4 yut-yau 66
5 Mavarok 65

That Concludes the blog for this issue , I hope you enjoy it !

Rounding off with the top 20 players this week . (Top 20 Tribes next week!)

Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Average points per village
1 Stiker de Grey HAWKS 20.478.609 2067 9907
2 IFeelYou LEGION 19.828.482 2239 8856
3 amatus TW 16.912.311 2050 8250
4 Koe82 LEGION 15.675.610 1803 8694
5 pinder TW 14.949.048 2067 7232
6 pherion E=MC² 13.665.986 2032 6725
7 parthizan E=MC² 13.288.846 1600 8306
8 freakazoid2 E=MC² 12.222.911 1686 7250
9 pimpjam LEGION 9.721.651 1205 8068
10 wesgan LEGION 9.719.606 1588 6121
11 Mavarok DETOX 9.486.610 1192 7959
12 thegame45 HAWKS 9.168.358 1147 7993
13 bigdavedee LEGION 9.010.250 1100 8191
14 faramirfox E=MC² 8.990.090 1049 8570
15 Acid Burn247 HAWKS 8.927.355 1078 8281
16 lussianos LEGION 8.742.629 970 9013
17 papoomio LEGION 8.501.526 1070 7945
18 PZA7 LEGION 8.215.064 1046 7854
19 bilouwanadoofr LEGION 8.166.542 940 8688
20 red elmo LEGION 7.751.640 1044 7425

Next issue

your’l just have to read it too find out ;)

Thank you too everyone involved in making this blog a success.

More maps next week !