Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

January 12, 2011 in I'm A New Blogger!, World 024 News, World News

_the 24 blog

As a completely unbiased and-in-no-way of-a-compromised-opinion W24 native, I full-heartedly believe that 24 is the most exciting and enduring of worlds. So why is it that up until now, there has been no blog to comment on it? No doubt *cough cough* a hugely uhm, interesting question. But please, dry those tears. I’m here now…

I always get a little carried away when writing, so if you are short on time or not too familiar with the English language, please skip to the section named “_summary” and I will wrap things up for you. :)

_serious business

Firstly, I need to sort us out a banner. This is an open question to anyone who plays or has played world 24, plus any busybodies who care to comment: What would make a really, really awesome banner?

Explosions? Dinosaurs? Card games on motorcycles? That picture of MANIC after a night out? Uhm, stuff?

Until I have a sufficiently awesome idea from you lot, your punishment will be to have your world represented by a banner I made last night in MS Paint:

It took me more than 12 seconds. Srsly.

Very stylish, I’m sure.

_contacting me

Of course, in order to answer that question, or to send me any number of non-burning-brick-related communications (I am always very eager for feedback), you’ll probably have to engage in electronic contact with me, unless you are of a psychic level more advanced than I.

  • Comment on this blog entry, and I cross my heart and hope to die if I do not read it and reply ASAP.
  • Get in contact via IM with Skype – my username is dead_socks.
  • Find me on the Tribalwars forums and send me a PM – I’m somewhere around here. You can also comment on my superdupersticky’d PnP thread for all blog-related banter here.
  • Or just shout really really loud and hope I hear (NB: deadsocks apologises for the ineffectiveness and potential harmfulness of this method outside of the UK and suggests that you lie down and take some throat lozenges).



  • I’m the brand new blogger for W24.
  • I need ideas for an awesome banner.
  • Contact me with any blog feedback or ideas you might have in the ways specified above.

– Amy (Socks)