Four Tribes, Two Wars

February 6, 2011 in World 037 News, World News

It appears that, after a dull period in World 37, action, drama and excitement is set to return! Read on for an overview of the two wars that are going to set this world alight!

For quite some time now, it has been clear that there are four main tribes on World 37, these being ‘1ns4n3’, ‘~SA~’, ‘ASCEND’ and ‘AD!’ They have matched up into two wars that promise to go down in the history books! They are: ‘1ns4n3’ versus ‘AD!’ and ‘~SA~’ versus ‘ASCEND’

Let us begin by looking at the rankings and the world map considering these four tribes:

World Rankings:

‘1ns4n3’ at the moment are clearly the most powerful tribe in the world, with the most points and highest average points, per player, in the top four. They have approximately four times as many villages as their opponent ‘AD!’. ‘~SA~’ have roughly double the members, points and villages of their opposition ‘ASCEND’.

World Map:

Yellow = 1ns4n3

Light Blue = ~SA~


Dark Blue = AD!

Red = Other Tribes

Barbarian villages are not highlighted

The map clearly demonstrates that ‘1ns4n3’ have a great amount of control in the north of the world. However, there are holes and gaps in their continents, which could prove to be a hindrance at some stage. ‘~SA~’ has almost dominance in the south west and can be seen to be creeping into the North West too. ‘1ns4n3’ and ‘~SA~’ appear to overlap in K53 and the surrounding continents which could prove to be an interesting zone of villages later on in the world. ‘ASCEND’ are mainly situated on the south east rim and need to expand more into the continents above them to gain more dominance in the south east. ‘AD!’ do not appear to cover much area of the map, but they are very dense and compact in the continents they do have control of, which gives them a strong advantage for coordination and quick movement of troops. If you observe carefully you should notice large areas of green, empty space, mainly in the south east. These areas are populated with hundreds and thousands of high point barbarians which have been created by the mass deletion of accounts at the end of 2010 and start of 2011. These huge expanses of barbarians could provide pivotal in the wars depending on which tribes take advantage of them.

Now let us begin to analyse the wars…

1ns4n3 versus AD!

Being a member of ‘AD!’ myself, I shall be as objective as possible in my analysis!

Looking at the rankings and map, you would not be a fool to suggest that ‘1ns4n3’ are the favourites to become the victors of this war. However, a war has never been won on statistics and rankings, and never will!

This war has been present for only a short period of time. It was officially declared (because of the introduction of version 7.0) on the 25th January 2011. This declaration was the result of hostilities between the two tribes and the duke of ‘AD!’ (bigbrad075) was angered by the recruitment of the player ‘SV Ostroski’. ‘1ns4n3’ were first to react by mass nuking several players from ‘AD!’ including ‘bigbrad075’. Since then, ‘AD!’ have reacted by attacking the players ‘SV Ostroski’ and ‘Zordo1’. This was bold by ‘AD!’ as these two players are rank two and three in the world respectively.

Despite the large amount of attacks being delivered at each tribe, very few villages have been lost so far in this war and neither side can be said to be ‘winning’ the war. The stats below reiterate this point:

‘AD!’ is displayed in green and ‘1ns4n3’ in red. The third line shows the difference between the statistics.

By observing the ODA column we can see that ‘AD!’ has launched more lethal attacks on ‘1ns4n3’ and consequently caused more damage to them, through attacking. However, you may notice that ‘AD!’ has suffered many losses, with 1ns4n3 gaining over 16 million ODD against the attacks from ‘AD!’ in less than two weeks.

We can conclude from this that the war is still in the early stages. Those of you that are experienced with Tribal Wars will know that it takes a while of attacking before serious amounts of nobling is achieved due to there being high amounts of troops at the start of a war. Therefore, as time goes by, and troop counts begin to decrease, I am certain that the number of villages being nobled will rise, and then this war will be in full flow!

But who will take the upper hand? Only time will tell…

~SA~ versus ASCEND

Those of you that follow World 37 will know that this war has been occurring for a much longer period of time. Both of these tribes wish to have control of the south of the world and therefore must eliminate the other side to achieve this.

Let us first observe the statistics between the two tribes:

These show that ‘ASCEND’ could be said to be winning this war as they have conquered more villages off the other side. However, 49 villages is not a hugely significant difference but it does show they have an edge over their opponent.

Recently, ‘ASCEND’ has invested a lot of troops and effort in an attempt to clear ‘~SA~’ from K95.

In the below map:

~SA~ = yellow


Other Tribes = Red

Barbarians = Grey

The map and rankings shows that ‘ASCEND’ are very close to completing this objective. There are small ‘blobs’ of yellow but it looks like ‘ASCEND’ should have control soon. So what will happen next? Will ‘~SA~’ attempt to take back K95? Or will ‘ASCEND’ carry on pushing into ‘~SA~’ territory? These next few months should provide answers to these questions.

Despite the loss of K95, ‘~SA~’ has come back fighting and recently launched masses of attacks on one of the dukes of ‘ASCEND’:  ‘Midgetman0111’. These attacks have cost ‘ASCEND’ in terms of troops but not villages; ~SA~ has only ever taken one village off ‘midgetman0111’.

Overall, this war is far off it’s conclusion but it has been exciting so far and let us hope that this continues! ‘ASCEND’ currently have a slight advantage over ‘~SA~’ but there is a lot of drama still to come, I am sure! So who will be victorious? The strength and depth of ‘~SA~’? Or the team work and coordination of ‘ASCEND’?

Note: All statistics, maps and rankings are correct as of 06/02/2011