Food Fight!

April 11, 2012 in World 061 News, World 61-70 News, World News


Yet again, SW emerges into another battle. This time of course Noodle will be in the center of it all like all battles that had occurred in the past. The battle to be claimed the best food ever. Would it be rice..? Noodles? or Cookies? We shall see. As once they were all part of the food pyramid, they have drifted apart into their own separate entrées.

Many of the players within knew of this coming war for a while. There once was the alliance where all the food could get along, until their relationship became fragile. Then both sides began to claim themselves as the best food ever, thus created a food fight.

 Now the question still remains. It is understood that their relationship became unstable, but what was the real reason behind the war.? We will see with an exclusive interview with one of the leaders within Noodle.

 Ec-Unlimited: Okie, by agreeing to this, you understand that whatever you write here could be shown out to the public/external, and must be appropraite. That the context and information you give below will be used as an interview for the blog. If you understand so, then welcome and please have a seat.

[Leino]Li Wu./Silence./un491v3n/xlxhx: k

Ec-Unlimited: I understand that Cookie and Noodle use to have a relationship of sorts, What happened?

[Leino]Li Wu./Silence./un491v3n/xlxhx: It is really difficult to say to be honest. The alliance was created against NEW, but cookie never declared or sent support as they said they would. The first tensions started when Noodle recruited some members of NEW and cookie leadership started pushing for them to be removed from the tribe. Noodle refused and some cookie council members decided they did not like cookie’s leadership and two of them left for noodle, effectively establishing a noodle base in K52. After a few more refugee claims, cross noblings and attacking of bashers noodle’s leadership decided that we could not continue this alliance and decided to munch on some cookies :)’

Ec-Unlimited: What do you respond to towards the claim of Noodle being a backstabber against an ally, and a hugger for bringing in their alliances..?

[Leino]Li Wu./Silence./un491v3n/xlxhx: It was never a real alliance and there where way too many provocations from both sides.
 And about the hugger comment – meh :/
  noodle has a lot bigger fish to fry than cookie. The faster we lock down the west, the faster we can move to other arias.

Ec-Unlimited: Do you think Cookie stand a chance? How long do you think they will last?

[Leino]Li Wu./Silence./un491v3n/xlxhx: They will be out of the top 20 by the time you post this

Ec-Unlimited: Well thank you for your time. This concludes our interview.

[Leino]Li Wu./Silence./un491v3n/xlxhx: np 

Thus the war began. What will happen as an outcome of this war, who will remain victorious? Only time will tell.