First World 48 Blog

June 16, 2010 in World 048 News, World News

Hello Welcome to the first W48 Blog. I hope you enjoy it .


Top 10 Player Rankings

1 BunnuB – 577,504

2 karimooo – 490,186

3 SunSin – 478,211

4 RevengeComing – 426,722

5 ToPaT – 408,348

6 Jacob75 – 375,024

7 skunk15 – 358,378

8 nightblade.greyswandir – 350,958

9 snowflakes1 – 347,626

10 disbalance – 346,295


Top 10 Tribe Rankings

1 XiE – 7,729,253

2 REBORN – 6,868,753

3 o.O – 6,560,807

4 SubV – 6,196,719

6 Womble – 5,552,903

7 ~PWN~ – 4,885,942

8 SYN – 4,722,180

9 GNOME – 4,657,912

10 Mighty – 3,783,620


Interview with the leader of o.O (Skunk15)

Me: Hello Skunk, you are the leader of o.O, right? We would like to know a bit about your tribe.

Skunk15: Well, I run the tribe along with Whooker. Overall, it’s a very small tribe with highly skilled members for all over the world that can hold their own against most foes.

Just the way we like it.

Me: Your tribe recently declared on Death. Along with few other tribes, was there any specific reason to it?

Skunk15: Well as a few other observant players have stated we have three main clusters: k45, k34, and k54 and each of these are very strong alone, but we really needed to join them all up to make us stronger so that’s the main reason we went after the Death family.

Me: What do you have to say about the merge of Blood and Fame?

Skunk15: Well in my opinion I don’t think it was a very smart move, especially when they didn’t inform their members and Co-duke about the move. The result is they seem to be breaking apart.

Me: Name a non-top 20 and a top 20 player (not from your tribe) which you think has a lot of skills and is doing well on this world.

Skunk15: Well in the top 20 I would have to say RevengeComing from SubV this guy is a great leader and player I would hate to have to go against him , and out of the top 20 I would have to say Walshaw from Womble- this guy is a legend a totally cool guy to speak with and also a great leader and player.

Me: Do you think Core did right by declaring on ~ROP~?

Skunk15: Who lol?

Nah I’m only joking…

Well yeah in my opinion it had to be done they couldn’t cut it.

Me: What would you say is your tribe’s key to success till now?

Skunk15: I think it’s having a good member skill base as everyone knows what they are doing so there doesn’t need that much work from the tribal council. In effect, we all get on with doing our own thing so it’s more relaxed.

Me: Is there any such war on this world which can be rated as a classic war?

Skunk15: Well no I don’t think there is such a thing as a “classic war” as more or less every war I have personally been in has been different. But if i had to pick one I would say the SubV Flame war as it turned out into a stalemate and this shows the skill of the two sides.

Me: If you had to rate this world out of 10 on the basis of the skilled players, fun, war etc… how would you rate it?

Skunk15: I would say a 8/10 to be honest I wouldn’t have said that a month or so ago but the world has started getting more interesting due to tribes actually attacking each other and not hugging, but I feel even with most of the skilled players going to w47 it has made this one much better in my eyes.

Me: Ok. Thank you so much for your time. Once again, that was Skunk15  leader of o.O.


o.O vs Death.

!UN! vs Death.

Reborn vs 2m


Fastest Noblers


TOP 15 Tribes


Challenge of the week

Whoever makes the best painting using paint will get an award from me. To submit your images you can upload them and mail me the link on the forum. (Id – Triscodian)

Gift will be an interview with me and that interview will be shown in the next week’s blog.If your work is outstanding your picture will be taken in consideration for the 2 month grand prize.