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August 31, 2011 in World 046 News, World News

Welcome back to the World 46 Blog! This edition features an interview with the new moderator for the W46 forums! Is he really as scary as he seems? Read on for details…I once again apologize for the scarcity of blogs… I will be attempting to at least get a stat update out each week. As you all know though, W46 has been a bit slow lately…. with simply one war being on the table of late.

However, a new mod has been assigned to the World 46 external forum, so I figured that an interview with him would be in line, even though he does not play our beautiful world.

World Map

Stats for the last month:

Interview: Or-El 

So how long ago did you become a forum moderator?

I became a moderator on the 26th of May, 2011. So that’s almost 3 months now?
 Yeah, I still know math!

Math is necessary on our forums of course :) Firey might try to pull an equation from his back pocket
Anyways, have you modded any other worlds before w46?

Yeah, I’ve modded W56 for the past few months, and I’ve gotta say it’s just a tad more hectic over there. Hopefully I can change that, I like active forums ;).

Yeah, ours has been semi-dead for a few months now.
So what drove you to become a moderator? Why did you apply for the position?

Well, I applied for two reasons, first and foremost being that I love the PnP. I enjoy reading it and posting, and I despise watching threads go down in flames because players aren’t following the rules, so naturally I’d want to be part of the solution.

The second is the red name. Who doesn’t want a red name? Red is clearly the best (and it’s my favorite color) and provided plenty of incentive on it’s own!

Ahh.. I know what you mean. You know that is the true reason I became a blogger… I wanted my name in purple :)

So since you are currently also modding w56… how did you get roped into modding w46 also?

A very good question. I’m not sure I’m allowed to share all the details of what goes through Jirki’s mind, as it’s a complex and dangerous place to be. However, I can tell you that when the spot opened, Jirki simply asked me if I’d like to take over, and I said “Sure”. I had no previous experience with the world, nor did I even know Rednecks had ceased his term as a moderator. It was as simple as that :P.

What are you looking forward to most about moderating for the world 46 forum?

Well, I look forward to trying and getting players motivated to post, and active. I want to read some good ol’ arguing and posting, and perhaps some fond old memories about the “golden days” of the W46 forums.

I look forward to seeing you whip the forums back up :D

Perhaps you shouldn’t, some of the flaming will invariably end up badly (chuckle)
Stay out of the crossfire :D

Thanks for the advice! I will do my best :)
So back to you personally…
How long have you been playing the game of Tribal Wars?

I’ve been playing since W16. I suppose that makes it almost 3 and a half years, if not a little bit less, though it seems like just yesterday I signed up as my nooby self.

What are your plans for the future of your TW/modding career?

Currently, in addition to modding two .net worlds, I also mod competitions/guides on .us, and the W4 forum of .us. I play W1 of .us as well, and coplay W49 on .net. I’m hoping to finish W1 in my tribe’s favor, and W49 (though W49 is further off from the end). I also hope to work my way up the moderator ladder to become an elder if I can. I have one premade in the works which I will be co-duking with my fellow moderator, humbletree. After that, it’s anyone’s guess what I’ll do (chuckle). All I know is, I’m not planning on going anywhere soon.

So do you have any advice in closing for the posters on the World 46 forums? (or posters in general)

For W46 in general, I encourage posts as long as they’re within the rules. The rules are important, and so long as you follow them, I don’t mind any level of game-related flaming if done correctly. Enjoy posting, because I think if you do then you’ll make my job easier (enjoyable posting usually goes hand-in-hand with following the rules).