Entering the Boudoir

March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 052 News, World News

banner A new, relatively unknown war is now taking place in the south, sparking further interest in the part of the world that largely lay dormant during the NiNi war.

What prompted the WET family to declare on B52s?

Are other tribes planning to join the fray as well?

Why hasn’t there been an official PnP on the external forums?

Let’s get started with this week’s blog.

World Map – Top 10 Tribes

All tribes in last week’s top 10 remaining there today, and Aeneas Juilus reported a record breaking 1.10% positive growth of the world in his Power Rankings thread.WET falls from third to sixth, which allows Bush, -SWAT-, and Phat all to move up one rank, with Phat and -SWAT- switching positions. The lower 4 tribes stayed static.

WET’s loss of rank might be due to their new focus on W52’s newest declaration, that against B52s, which we will examine today.

SW Continents

Six days ago, on the 9th, the WET Family, comprising of WET and $hadow, jointly declared on B52s:

However, were I not privy to this screenshot, I would certainly have no idea that this was going on. In a somewhat peculiar move, WET opted not to issue an official declaration against B52s on the external forums. Apparently, there was a lack a time:

“Lots of leadership left so tribe was building up again so no one had time to do it.” –Litkafilip, duke of WET

Leadership certainly did leave, and, from the looks of it, they took with them several members.

WET Tribe Changes

Litkafilip alleged that Xenon909, an ex-baron of the tribe, was the one to lead the exodus. I was able to secure an interview with him to determine his motives:

“I pushed and pushed for leadership over there from [Elang Perkasa], who was against giving me full rights… I got on with a lot of the tribe and never wanted to destroy, far from it…I did an awful lot for [WET].” –Xenon909

B52s then absorbed the majority of the players that Xenon took with him on the 25th, and this move prompted a reaction from WET. According to Litkafilip, “when Xenon left he said that there will be NAP forever [between WET and B52s].” Something did not work out, however, and WET was quick to take action.

“I got a circ mail [from WET] crying over how I had done the wrong thing blah blah blah, I said something and then [WET] declared war.” –Xenon909

Litkafilip confirmed WET’s motives for the war, saying that “[B52s’s] move to take players from [WET]” was the main factor in prompting a declaration. Littlenofriendsboy, duke of WET’s sister tribe, $hadow, emphasized:

“We needed revenge and at the moment we are getting it.”          – Littlenofriendsboy

Whether or not Xenon909 was already in contact with B52s when he left and if he left WET with the immediate intention of joining B52s, I’m not sure if B52s expected WET to react the way that they did. B52s now has several isolated players in the K53 and K54 regions, which are proving hard to defend, deep within WET territory.

Hells Toy Master, duke of B52s, said, “I never regret my decisions” and assured me that he would not back down from continuing to harbor the ex-WET players in his tribe. While my impression has always been that Hells Toy Master is a highly competent duke, both WET and $hadow expressed doubts over his ability to lead.

“It looks to me like in general they are a pretty selfish tribe, and the leadership isn’t enforcing support; as you can see we are currently hammering Bros20, after the reports I’ve seen I haven’t seen a single drop of support going to Bros… B52s should know what we did to Rainycloud who was number 1 in our continent, and expect the worst for bros who was number one in our k.” – Littlenofriendsboy

“I would do [the war] completely more different than [B52s] done.” –Litkafilip

It is true that B52s may have miscalculated when recruiting members from WET, and Litkafilip projected on the 13th that B52s would not be ready to counterattack until two weeks’ time, due to many B52s’s members being far away from the action. During the first week of fighting, the WET family has taken 93 villages from B52s to B52s’s 22 from WET.

Also of interest is Bush’s recruitment down the western side of B52s in K61. Accommodating members from the late [DAH], Bush has now created a second front against B52s and surrounds K62 on two sides. I had heard rumors that Bush was contemplating declaring on B52s as well, and Littlenofriendsboy indicated that WET and Bush have had positive relations in the past:

“Our family and Bush to put into simplest terms are friends; we worked together in the NiNi project. I’ve heard of Bush helping us on their front.” –Littlenofriendsboy

However, King Jame$., duke of Bush, made it seem to me that Bush had no intentions of attacking B52s, and vice-versa, over Bush’s recruitment of [DAH]. If they do plan to join in as allies of WET, it may not be for sometime; we did not see them enter against NiNi until it was almost too late. Their focus at the moment might also be to the north, on Phat, instead.

B52s has proven themselves as a formidable opponent in their success against HoHoHoo several months ago, and Hells Toy Master was not fazed by B52’s initially poor stats.

“As it appears from the outside, we do suck at defending :P You win some you lose some.” –Hells Toy Master

Although it seems unlikely that Bush will enter the war soon, two other tribes, not depicted in the map above, will invariably play a role: -{i}- and TR. I was not able to talk with members from either tribe on their stances on the conflict, but staying neutral would effectively put a blockade between the continental WET and B52s, and I think it’s more likely that they will be forced to choose a side.

B52s will continue to show behind in the stats until they can effectively mount a counterattack, or supply sufficient support to their isolated members. If WET were to somehow face B52s head on, however, I imagine the stats would be showing a different story. Let’s see how B52s adapts to this new kind of warfare, hampered greatly by the noble distance restriction.

Additionally, we must think about the implications for the other tribes in the world, as a new major war starting will open up opportunities for other tribes elsewhere.

In other news, dominance has shifted slightly in K75, where SOHK and P.S. are still at war.

P.S. gained from 53.18% to 57.15%

SOHK gained from 18.26% to 19.79%

Despite growth on both sides, this indicated P.S. in the advantage. I will hopefully address this more in depth next week ;)

Thanks always for reading – feedback appreciated!