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November 27, 2010 in World 022 News, World News

Hello and welcome to another edition of World 22 news with me Ultimatum X.

Finally, this week I have been able to bring you something current from the best world in the game, World 22.

Before I start, I have to mention that my views may be bias but will be merely my own opinion.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then lets begin…

For some time now World 22 has had two tribes far above the rest, XXXX and $CoD$, and it was only a matter of time before they clashed. This war was long awaited, it supposedly going to be the war to end all wars but when it came it simply wasn’t and still isn’t.

According to the ever reliable W22 forums, XXXX declared on $CoD$ on the 4th of March 2010.

“how interesting.” – dafyd0

The war lacked enthusiasm and oomph from the outset, no side really putting 100% effort into it. There wasn’t even a proper war deceleration, that was it. Though dafyd would probably want me to point this out too,

“XXXX have 96 members 615mil total points, 96 members and 62 thousand villages.

the $CoD$ family have 672mil total points, 157 members and 68 thousand villages” – dafyd0

When you compare this to stats taken today at 17:43:13 server time you’ll notice that XXXX are very much ahead.

Rank Tribe name Points of the best 40 players Total points Members Average points per player Villages Average points per village
1 XXXX 655.969.944 884.104.451 72 12.279.228 89779 9.848
2 $CoD$ 459.176.363 510.337.374 55 9.278.861 52369 9.745

In fact $CoD$ have gone backwards which is strange considering they have nobled 22,455,322 million points more than XXXX since the war started. When you look closely, you see that $CoD$ seem to have huge difficulties in holding on to their villages.

Side 1:
Tribes: XXXX
Side 2:
Tribes: $CoD$

Timeframe: 04/03/2010 10:21:00 to 25/11/2010 17:45:05

Total conquers:

Side 1: 46,470
Side 2: 49,211
Difference: 2,741

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 8,315
Side 2: 3,195
Difference: 5,120

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 447,629,755
Side 2: 470,085,077
Difference: 22,455,322

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 79,695,999
Side 2: 30,780,031
Difference: 48,915,968

With some calculations you’ll find that when you take away the war losses from the total points gained XXXX took 26,460,646 million more points than $CoD$ and I don’t need a calculator to work out that that isn’t the main reason for $CoD$ having a lot less points than they started with.

Yes, there is loads of factors affecting $CoD$’s decline but i’m not going into all of them, just the most recent one. The departure of 17 members. It maybe a stab in the dark but I have a theory.

I think that XXXX and $CoD$ have a secret shared forum, if not then they will have soon. In this forum they discuss issues, such as the future of tribes (BRKDA?) and how much the council members love each other. Also in this forum I imagine there will be a “count to 100″ topic set up by one of the $CoD$ council members who had nothing to do. Finally, I predict a topic that contains a discussion, possibly started by $CoD$. This discussion is more of a plea. In the thick of the discussion I see a plan coming together, a plan to ditch half of the XXXX members and half of the $CoD$ members (good job inactives don’t have opinions). Once this is done the two tribes will merge and become a global superpower, declare on BRKDA and eat up the accounts left behind. This information was leaked, and the disgusted $CoD$ members left.

Like I said, a stab in the dark but it explains the departure of the members and certainly now it makes the cut backs a whole lot easier.

After a little persuasion, I got thmorrison1218 and stevo7213 to give me a little interview in which my theory was pitched to them.

First the questions:

1. In your opinion, who will finish W22 in the rank one spot?

2. This feud with XXXX/$CoD$, when will it end?

3. Do you think tribes like NN and XIV could influence the outcome of this world?

4. How much of a threat could BRKDA prove to be if they decided to rebel?

5. If no progress is made by either XXXX or $CoD$ in the next few months, is it true that both tribes are considering leaving half of the tribe behind to merge and become a global superpower?

Here are their responses.


1. Of course my opinion is that XXXX will win – how could I call myself a duke if I didn’t believe in my tribe.

2. This feud will end when one of the 2 tribes disbands.

3. Every tribe/every player has an opportunity to influence this world, it’s just a matter of whether or not those players take that opportunity and run with it. Many of the people in the 2 tribes you mentioned were once in XIII, which was the #1 tribe in the world, but fell apart due to lack of interest/desire to seize the opportunity they had before them.

4. Would all depend on the will of each and every member of that tribe.

5. You should probably be looking at the progress that is actually being made before asking a question like that…


1. Obviously at this point I would have to say XXXX, but in reality, inactivity can hit even them. Once they have finished off $COD$ to the point where they can no longer resist the onslaught any more, they could quite easily become bored and inactive as well. This could then give rise to a totally new tribe that will then dominate.

2. The war with XXXX will end sooner than expected initially, thats a given. $COD$ still have a bit of fight left in them, but the pressure XXXX can apply is substantial. The biggest problem I see for XXXX, is what do they do after this war :-)

3. No, i don’t believe so. Size, dispersement of players and location does not work in their favour. They have few if any solid K’s and this tends to lead to isolation of players and unfavourable outcomes in a large conflict.

4. I have a lot of respect for BRKDA, but as yet, have not seen them in a full scale conflict against comparable opposition. They have taken in a few DOR members and grown well over the past months. Obviously, there location would prove to be a huge problem for a tribe like XXXX who have a lot of defense moved forward.

5. Well this has only ever been mentioned in jest as far as I know. Though now that you mention it…… hmmm :-P

So two different opinions from the dukes there. Stevo not showing much faith in $CoD$ but then I wouldn’t either.

Finally i’d just like to say that if in anyway your offended by my blog, it is my opinion, everyone is entitled to them, it’s nothing personal.

See you soon,

Ultimatum X