End Of The World As We Know It

September 5, 2011 in World 016 News, World News, Worlds 11-20 News

That time that has been long awaited is finally here. After over three years and over a year into the final war to decide the winner of the world, the end as finally been decided. The final end game process has been set in motion and an official end date has been declared.

W16 opened on February 19, 2008. 1295 days later, here we are. The end date for the world has been set for October 23 after a vote was put up and the majority of the world agreed upon a two month end date, with the top two tribes, C² and Plight, agreeing to an allied victory.

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The C² vs LSHRV began on September 15, 2009, marking the first major moves towards the end of the world. On June 25, 2010, the C²/Plight war starting, beginning the last major war. Other smaller tribes would come and go, factions would splinter off and move around, but in the end, these two wars, later becoming one after a war between LSHRV/SF and Plight, would be the important conflicts in deciding the war.

In both wars, C² lead by a large margin. It was generally acknowledged that unless something major happened, C² was winning those wars and would go on to win the world. All that they had to do was actually finish the wars.

Due to a combination of issues, such as the slow speed of the world, the very large size of the tribes involved, and the persistent problem of players going inactive, lead to a long, drawn out war. C² was winning, but after nearly two years straight of fighting, optimistic estimates said that the end of the war would not be seen for at least another year, and as time went on, that estimate kept getting extended. Players were simply getting bored from the monotony of a war that had lasted for nearly two years. Since the declaration, many had quit on both sides, some going inactive and being internally eaten, while others were replaced, sometimes multiple times.

Knowing that the war would only continue for a long period of time, especially as more and more players were lost over time, C² and Plight began talks, seeking an alternative way to end the world sooner and give credit to those who had fought hard in the war. Both sides had already lost good players who had contributed a lot to the war, but had grown bored over time and had no longer wished to play. If the war had continued on like it had been, it would just have seen more of its active participants leaving.

To avoid this, the leaders of both tribes finally came to a decision. The war would be ended, and the two tribes would ask for an end game vote based on fulfilling the requirements for an allied tribe ending. As it was acknowledged by both sides that C² would have won the war, they remained the larger tribe, and 14 of the active war participants from Plight received invites and moved over to C².

The request for a vote was put in, and it was approved. A poll was opened to decide the end date of W16. On August 23, it was announced that the end date, barring any breaks within C² and/or Plight that would cause them to no longer fulfill the end game requirements, would be on October 23, 2011.

The final major war of W16 between C² and Plight has finally ended. The end date has been decided. Mopping up the remainder of the world is under way. With only 48 days left until the long awaited end, a great world is finally coming to a close.

That’s all for this blog. With the end of the world now looming over us, rather than being a vague object somewhere in the future, I only see myself releasing a couple more blogs to cover the events of W16. I wanted to say that I greatly enjoyed blogging for W16. I am greatly sorry that I was not able to post as regularly as I would have liked to. I had several blogs planned that never got published for a variety of factors, often compounded by a simple lack of time to get everything together to write a blog before I had to move onto the next topic. Even so, you all were very understand, and very encouraging. I would like to thank all my readers, especially those who began mailing me asking when I would post my next blog, or ask what I had planned for me next one. That was the true sign that I had readers who enjoyed what I was writing. I would also like to give  my thanks to those who did interviews with me, as they played an important part in creating several of my blogs.

In my next blog, I plan to conduct some interviews with players, talking about their personal opinions on the best and worst of categories as well as important events in their own minds. I want it to be a sort of reflection on the world as a whole.

One last thing. For my readers, W16 will not mark the end of my blogging for TW. I plan to continue blogging, taking over the job for W55. For now, keep this quiet, as it has not been officially announced to the world yet. Just wanted to share this a couple days ahead of time.

Until next time, your W16 blogger and fellow spreader of carnage,