End of a Long Road

December 25, 2012 in Announcements


December 25th, 2012


Dear Tribal Wars Community,

The Tribalwars.net Blog began years ago as a rather random and undefined service provided by a long-forgotten moderator; something more focused on movie reviews and side projects than actual news of any kind. After that moderator was removed, Jehosophat took over control of the blog and created a very powerful organization focused on providing timely world news. At its height, the blog had over a dozen writers from around the world writing news for many worlds. Recently, Jehosophat retired from her position as Administrator after more than two years of service. Since then, it has gone downhill. The inability for the blog to find new members is a major issue which has led to stagnation and disuse. Regrettably, it has come to the point where the administration has asked us to close our doors. This decision has been endorsed by the remaining blog team itself, as we have nothing left to give. Our plans to revitalize the blog are unusable unless we were to get more bloggers and more time.

Thus, I am writing at the end of this long road. I was there at the beginning, hired in the first month of Jehosophat’s leadership, and the last remaining of that era. It was a great journey, a great effort, and I hope the service we have done for the game has not been in vain.

I am unsure of how the blog will be dismantled, or if there may be a future use for it. That is all up to the administration. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post. From now on, any world news will have to come unofficially in the forums.

I would now like to give a special thanks to all of the people who have served on this blog. Your names are innumerable, and in our operating period, we have released HUNDREDS of blogs. I also wish to thank all the readers who have remained attached to our work.


Thank you

Sam “Samulis Augustus”, Blog Ass’t. Administrator