Emergency Issue! Detox Declare !

August 15, 2010 in World 033 News

Detox Declare !

In the externals Mines Long12 ended any speculation of an alliance again with legion by declaring on them  .

(see here) —->>> Declaration

Yep publicly Legion now face an uphill battle .

Rank 2-5 are effectively, in tribalwars terms ‘gangbanging’ Legion .

However is it a gangbang ?

Many people  would say Legion had this coming , that their actions in severing any ties with Detox and the way Detox members felt constantly pressured without any help from the rank 1 tribe lead to this .

Legion have options now , I’m sure your mind can make a detailed mindmap of what they are .

Diplomacy skills & 1 to 1 contact failed both parties here , however there is always two sides to every story.

My thoughts on the issue are  both parties were at fault, on how the ‘best’ alliance in tribalwars turned to dust.

The new and improved stats will be shown next week .

For now its unfair because Legion have had no chance to attack .

Good Luck in Real Life Readers .

Thank You For Reading

Apologies for Legion & Detox Issue being delayed , this will come out at a later date and I remind everyone this was taken before Detox declared !