Long live Elf World

September 13, 2011 in World 048 News, World News, Worlds 41-50 News

To start off the blog lets all remember the heroes that risked their life to save others on 9/11. 


Well upon research of this world one tribe stood out futher than the rest and that tribe’s name is ElfWorld!

Elfworld of W48

Ranked 4 (Since August 17th, 2011)

49.220.149 (Their highest point value yet!)

69 Members

OD Ranking

ODA Ranking

ODD Ranking




248,41 Mio.

168,39 Mio.

80,02 Mio.

This tribe known as ElfW has been in the north for a long time &  they have survived and prospered where many have fell!











These are only some of the tribes that was not as lucky as Elfworld in the northeast

ElfWorld’s Story

The tribe was started by ElfieZH as an alternative to established tribes that at that time would not accept small start up players I joined the tribe as an one villaged player myself and from that point on the tribe was fighting an uphill battle. Members left when they got stronger… so we worked really hard on loyalty and team play. Eventually we managed to form a core of loyal players.


I think it is amazing that you have stuck up there in the north where many have failed. Did you have any struggles with enemies in the north?

 Yes, we fought DC and DC-s tribes, a match much bigger than we were, but we managed to establish good relationship with AEON tribe thanks to great lady ramy76. Some other tribes we fought up north were ~FoR~ and Ostrogoths. Those tribes are no longer with us…


Any challenges now?

At the moment we are finishing a war with ~One~. That tribe is falling apart and we are also fighting a small war against ~P~…


Interested in their stats?

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 ElfWorld’s Leadership


                                         Points:                 1.432.690
                                           Rank:          242
                          ODD:                           977.690 (602.)
            Tribe Position:                       ElfW‘s Duke


                                          Points:                                2.517.890
                                                                                                          Rank:                                167
                                             ODD:                                16.183.627 (195.)
                                Tribe Position:                                ElfW‘s Baron

  Proudest moment as baron

It is not a moment it is more of a process but it was when I start seeing that our tribe was working as a team, supporting each other in the time of need, and attacking as a unit when required.


Favorite Quote

“Nothing is more important than that you see and love the beauty that is right in front of you, or else you will have no defense against the ugliness that will hem you in and come at you in so many ways.”
— Neal Stephenson (Anathem)


Most important factor for tribes’ survival

Relation inside of the tribe are really important to duke and I…

World Stats

Total Players: 1355 Players   

1317 players are above 0 points

1262 are above 126 points

Total Tribes: 155

142 are above 0 points

139 are above 125 points

 Hello readers,

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Next week’s blog – A look into Womble & their little secret & war … 8-o

Other Random Comments

  1. “Frio would like to thank Kanuk for his planning, Ramy76 for being Ramy and Toby for his Mum”
  2. “I will like to add I did say that Elf World have only one Duke And one Baron but without our hard working Elf’s Army officers (ctmo, briegel, Pishdeshka, Touristfromafar, blackspot544, ivica12, mhistvan, LadyGia, prince ramesh2, grtgbrl, giltone, eddieee, peanuts1967, fronttowardenemy, flayingscotsman)  and the rest of the tribe members we would never be able to be where we are now. Also I would like to use this opportunity and say Thank you to all ElfW friends that helped us in our success.

                                              I will leave you with my traditional battle cry

Long Live Elf World Tribe!!! :)”

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