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This month we’ll be looking at Ec-Unlimited, a forum moderator and TribalWars blogger. As I asked around, a recurring trend seemed to jump out at me. For some reason, it seems many of you have no idea who Ec is…

Who is EC?.

Spencer | Darkaniken2:
Who’s ec.

Who is Ec?.

What is EC?.

Seriously who are you talking about?.

I dont even know the guy.

Jeremy Leite:
Who is ec?

Brian X.:
EC? ..I don’t know him very well…

Whose this aaron fellow pestering me?.

Jeremy Leite:
Who the heck is this guy called ec?
Does he live in Quebec?
Or perhaps is he Czech?
Could he be living under your deck?
Maybe your tribe is the next he’ll wreck?
Really, who the heck is this guy called ec?

Matt | Syntex:

I must say, I don’t know him very well at all.

Who the *edit* is ec!?!

Ec is a lovable, kind-hearted, and “unlimited”-ly helpful person. He is both gen-

Alright, I couldn’t keep writing that, I was laughing too dang hard. Besides, even I can’t believe my own lies sometimes..

But on a more serious note, he’s an alright guy. I post in his forums fairly often to annoy him when I get the chance, and he’s been an OK sport (alright, a bad sport, but you can leave that out). I suppose it may come from him being one of the newer mods or something, but learning to deal with me does take time, I suppose..

Oh yeah, Ec is the topic…Well, yeah, he’s alright. Not much else to say I guess. He’s just kinda there, and OK I suppose..
Anyting else required of me? I don’t like to talk too much about Ec, the guy scares me a little bit.
He’s a strange one.

the Elders tend to know better about specific mods than me tbh, since they do the actual supervising you know :P.

Who is Ec?

Wait, is that the one guy with the red name?


This blog is here to put an end to the question…

Who IS Ec?

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of TW :)

Hmm, pretty much a regular student, go to class/school everyday etc. I like playing different sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and others. In a few school clubs, and occasionally go to the YMCA.

Any future plans?

Well, Currently in Grade 11. Hoping to Take the AP exam this year, if I pass that will be great. As I am preparing my university application next year. The plan will probably be.. Go to University, Graduate, Get a Job :D.

Any idea what school you’d want to go to and what for? :)

Well, majority of the viewers probably wont know these schools. The top three choices would probably be McGill University, Waterloo University, University of Toronto. I thought about going to the states, however that seems a bit expensive to do so, still an option under consideration though. I’m thinking of Electrical Engineering/Business Management. Although thats not a definite at the moment.

You’ve still got some time to decide :) how did you get involved with TribalWars?

Yea. Well I saw a advertisement of Tribalwars in one of those game sites when I was a little kid. Clicked on it, and enjoyed the game. Played it ever since. Tried to quit a few times, however always seem to get involved again.

What names have you played under and what kind of success have you had ingame? :)

Well, I played the account “Ec-Unlimited” the most in the past, although that account doesn’t really have much success. Ocassioually I would co-play other people, etc. I enjoy the early game chaos :D, so I have led a few early games tribes that eventually lead to mid-game which is about the time that I quit a world lol.

How did you get involved in the TribalWars external community? :)

I came to meet with one of the TribalWars admin for .Net over the past year. Which got me thinking of volunteering and applying to join the team.
Which I did, I was lucky enough to get hired out of the many applicants.

Do you enjoy moderating the forums? :)

It has its ups and downs. Can’t really say I enjoy it as if it was a game, but I think its a pretty good thing to do.

What made you decide to blog for TW as well?

I came to understand that there was a shortage of bloggers for the TW community. I always thought that it was something good to do for the community, so I decided to contribute and help out.
There is also the fact that, I would get to pratice writing. As one usually don’t do that often or on a weekly basis.

How long until you’re an ingame mod too? ;)

Thats hard to say, if TribalWars still exist, stays up and running, and that I am still interested in the game. Then I might apply to be an ingame mod when I turn 18 next year.

What are you plans for TW now? :)

Well, I do not have the time as I used to, to play as often as I like. I occasiousally would join a world, perferably one with a new setting so I can try something new, or co-play someone. However, Until I have the time to actually commit to a world for a long period of time, I probably wont commit to a world. In spite of that, hopefully in the future, if I have more time on my hands. I wish to create my own premade as that is something I have never tried before. (Starting a premade that is)

It can be fun, especially if you get some old friends together :) Give a shout out to the TW community?

Well Shout out to everybody in the TW community I suppose. Hope that Lisa will keep the Unicorns running, and the cows mooing o.O.


I also chatted with Jirki88 a little to see what our very gracious and kind external manager thinks of his fellow staff member…

:D well I’m gonna just ask you some things and see what happens

Yeah, that’s what they say, and the next you know you’re listening to Metallica at max volume in a chicken cage on Guantanamo :|

So jirki, what were you thinking hiring Ec-unlimited as a forum mod? :P

Good question
Im trying to remember when we hired him
As I said, hirings isnt particularly memorable so I dont recall :D
prob something along the lines of “hmm, slightly less bad than the rest” ;)
I could give a very dry explanation of hiring procedures but I dont think anyone would want to read that tbh

Probly right

Maybe an unlucky incident with a wormhole

Has Ec made a good addition to the TW team? :)

Anyone who dont make a good addition to the team gets fired like a spaceship launch pretty quickly :|

And I’m still here :O

Miracles happen, eh!?!

What do you think about Ec joining the elite core of blogging mods? ;)

Jirki88 is scanning for parameters
Sorry, I cant find anything with “elite” and “blogging” in it <.<
Tbh, I dont care if mods blog too, as long as they do their job :P

thanks bud!


Well there you have it folks. While some of you may not know where in the world Ec is, he’s playing a very helpful part in moderating some newer forums and blogging with the Tribalwars team. If you don’t know him yet, you should. He ain’t too bad on the inside ;)