Drama Returns!

May 21, 2011 in World 037 News, World News, Worlds 31-40 News

In this supplement I will discuss some of the events that have occurred over the past week or so. World 37 has seen an uprising and it looks likely that several high point players are set to go Barbarian! Read on for the details…

For the past few weeks, World 37 has seen little action or excitment. Most tribes have been plodding along and conquering their enemies, with ‘1ns4n3′ coming out on top as usual.

However, this week, drama and thrills returned! At the centre of it all was none other than ‘BigBrad075’, a usual culprit for causing a stir. I will now tell the full story of what he has been up to this time! It certainly is an interesting tale.

Roughly a week ago it looked like, finally, after much discussion, that ‘ASCEND’ and ‘Cure’ would merge to form one tribe in order to fight the super power of ‘1ns4n3’. Unfortunately, yet again, this fell through. The council of ‘Cure’ agreed to the merge, however the council of ‘ASCEND’ did not with a majority against the merge in a poll that was created. This enraged ‘BigBrad075’. He was frustrated that ‘ASCEND’ had not agreed to this move that he felt would have certainly benefitted both sides. What he did next is the interesting part…

Firstly, the ‘Cure’ council made an attempt to gain temporary peace with ‘1ns4n3’, in order for ‘Cure’ to then switch their focus to ‘ASCEND’. Negotiations fell through, as ‘Cure’ had several players who ‘1ns4n3’ have very little respect for. They also felt that some of their players would become bored with the reduction in targets. Now, we couldn’t let that happen could we!

Over the years, the player ‘BigBrad075’ has done many crazy and controversial deeds. His next move would prove to be another one. He left ‘Cure’ in order to form a new tribe, one that would go to war with ‘ASCEND’. The following circular mail was sent out to the members of ‘Cure’:

Several members of ‘Cure’ joined the new tribe ‘Independence Day’ (‘ID’). The relevance of the name being that ‘BigBrad075’ and his members were planning to quit on 4th July 2011.

Soon after the tribe was formed, war was declared on the tribes ‘Arisen’, ‘X-Men’ and, of course, ‘ASCEND’. Troops soon began flying in all directions, most of the fighting occurring in K57 and K69. These continents being where the majority of the ‘ID’ members are situated.

Another attempt was then made to secure peace with ‘1ns4n3’. Again, the negotiations were unsuccessful as ‘AmishGangsta’ stated that ‘1ns4n3’ were not looking to develop any more diplomacy before the world finished.

‘ID’ made a reasonable start to the ‘ASCEND’ war, however the tide turned very quickly into the favour of ‘ASCEND’. ‘ASCEND’ began to conquer several villages off the player ‘Marshpod’. This player was already low on troops after many conflicts with ‘1ns4n3’.

Here are the current war stats for ‘ID’ versus ‘ASCEND’:

Map showing the location of ‘ID’ (blue) and ‘ASCEND’ (pink):

‘BigBrad075’ very quickly lost his motivation. This uprising against ‘ASCEND’ had not occured the way he planned. He felt that there was nothing else left for him here on World 37. ‘Time to leave?’ was the question he asked himself. And the answer, it is believed, was ‘Yes’.

Allegedly, the players ‘BigBrad075’, ‘Marshpod’, ‘SAMCRO1’, ‘thonglover329’ and ‘hawk eyes160’ are either deleting of set to delete. On many occasions, ‘BigBrad075’ has stated he has deleted, so is this to be believed?

I asked him myself and this was the reply I was greeted with:

Me: “Is your World 37 account deleting?”

Brad: “no… yeah… maybe…”

It therefore looks like we will have to wait five or six days to know the answer. If there is actually any truth in his deletion claims then the map will be, yet again, plagued with the grey of high point Barbarian villages…

It is now business as usual for the members and current leadership of ‘Cure’. The NAP still stands with the tribe ‘ASCEND’. Whether negotiations about an alliance of maybe a merge will continue or not is uncertain.

That concludes this week’s blog. I hope you enjoyed it! I do apologise for not publishing one for several weeks. I have been very busy in real life with exams and such so had very little spare time. I hope to get back to the normal frequency of one a week as soon as possible!

Statistics and maps are correct as of 21st May 2011