DR. NO longer with us

February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized, World 021 News, World News

Well since the last blog much has happened. Read to find out unless you already know then read it for the warm feeling.

Where are the Dr’s?

Well sadly we have had to say good bye to Mattyj’s first formed DR. NO. As it has been passed down through the generations of the tribe leaders it has now met it’s end. ¬†Known primarily as the North west’s main dominator and one of the most respected tribes when in its prime the north west now lays claim to NOw and whoever can noble the barbarian villages the fastest. DR. NO had lasted through many wars and largely the ‘Gang bang’ that occurred against them involving RDA, ~IMP~, ~IMP~U and many other tribes. ~IMP~ however has not forgotten their past that NOw and so Alexis73 the tribe leader of ~IMP~ posted a short and not so sweet declaration on the P&P world forums.

Since that the war stats of tribe ennoblements each side has made are as follows, drum roll please.

~IMP~ holding 8 ennoblements over NOw and…

NOw with 42 ennoblements off of ~IMP~

Half priced packets!

Before you complain about the picture quality no one has copyrights to it so it suited me well :D.

Near the end of January we were treated with the privilege to vote for 50% noble packet prices. This does not mean noble men cost half the packets just the packets cost half the price for anyone who is confused or to lazy to double check. With the survey resulting exactly like such:

you can see the required 65-70% yes votes was achieved and soon was delivered the fortune train which many had awaited. Sadly though with so little people participating this does portray world activity or at least the amount of people who care enough to vote in this world. The ennoblements made each day has however not increased dramatically compared to before.

Version 7.0

We knew that it was inbound. We knew that we might not like it and that a few scripts were to sadly become broken. At first the new update had received quite a bit of bashing from those including myself who don’t or didn’t originally like it. I remember the same response somewhat taken by the update to version 6.0. People don’t like change especially to what was already working. I myself have become used to the new features and bulky top tool bar that doesn’t refuse to stalk me as now it makes me feel loved and that something wants to be with me… Anyway back onto topic this has seen many new features which can all be displayed if you follow this link to the announcement on the P&P forums.