W57 Double double toil and trouble

October 31, 2011 in Special Features, World 057 News, World News, Worlds 51-60 News

good evening viewers
I’ve prepared a neat and unique blog for you reading pleasure this time and i hope you find it entertaining. it seems this is the season of wars and things are truly starting to erupt this week. we will look at these wars as well as some interviews, and some of the lower top 20 players.

Double Double

To start with we have a dual interview with the players of the Legendslayx Account.

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Next we have a interview with the duke of epic the royalrain co players

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Lastly in our final interview we have the co players of the spotted cow account

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It is a challenge and a inspirational goal too reach the coveted top 20 mark in tribal wars. to be seen on the top page is something alot of people strive to do. today we will look at a few of these players that have managed to do this.

11     C00L Tracker     a member of infamy it apears he has lost one villa, so far. a decent accomplishment. he seems to be showing steady grow hasnt had a huge increase of growth lately but seems to be steady getting too the top.
12     maleboxmike     with 5 losses this member of happy was rank 11  august but seems to have lost some rank but ha snot risen back up again. he has had some dips in his history according too the charts but seems to be growing pretty stead at this point in time. he may have dipped down on purpose to better help him now.
13     Spotted Cow     ranked 5 on oda this account is rising at a decent rate, slowing down here and there a bit, but with only 1 villa that has been nobbled by an enemy they seem to be an aggressive account that has worked hard for there spot.
14     spindle61886     another person that has lost one village only, located near the rim. he is showing a spurt of fast growth at this time.  with alot of internal eating of a tribe member, he is still appearing to be growing at a nice rate.
15     4LoKo     It seems he is eating a member of the tribe sheen and enjoying a good rate of growth from it as well.
16     dubya334  his growth seems to be perking with some taking of bb and irule villages, it will be interesting to see how this growth continues.
17     kingmq38     2nd in oda this player appears to be aggressive and dedicated to attacking, the duke of ill he nobbled alot of dream in that war and seems to be doing some eating of vodka now in the current war.
18     Legendslayx  while his best rank was rank 3 he is not at his highest moment right now, but growth seems to be steady, as he clears up the region he is in with some nobleing we will see if he can reclaim his title in the top 3 of the world.
19     Snyderman seems he is nobling barbs and bb giving him a good growth spurt for the time being, will see if he continues to keep this up as well.
20     HuGgY.     located near the rim this player appears to be growing fast its been roughly 2 months since there restart date.

A fair amount of these players are not well known on the world as of yet but it will be interesting to see how things develop, they may sink into the lower ranks or they could rise too the top TW is all about ups and downs and we never know where someone wil lend up in the end.


We will take a look at a Couple of the wars that seem to be taking place at the current time.

ill vs vodka

In this war it appears Ill is in the lead with vodka making a few conquers but it could still go either way.

Knock Vs Bro

In our final war of the blog we have knock and bro fighting and knock seems to be the winner for the time being.


We have looked at some of the upcoming players, a new double interview format, as well as the current wars. next week we will go beyond the Core and take a in depth look at the rim and some of the rising tribes and players in that region. as always if you have any thoughts or comments or suggestions let me have them.