Death comes to you^.^

July 29, 2010 in I'm A New Blogger!, I'm A New Mod!, World 048 News, World News

Heya guys!

Myself, I am a player of this world(w48^.^) and have been playing for a while. I won’t reveal where I am from or any personal info since I am still “active” and I intend to keep such a status for a long while or at the very least for one more year………

My ingame name : deathangelxyz

Current tribe : SubV

Likes : Music,reading, etc

Dislikes : Oversleeping

I will probably issue one blog per week. Since I am new to this job and it is my first time working as a TW blogger, I appreciate all your help and criticisms. I wish to stay unbiased regardless of what I do in ingame and my tribe-related posts in the externals. So if someone feels that I have passed such a boundary, let me know so I can correct my errors. In total I wish to liven up the w48 external activity and for that please do support me in this venture with your comments for each of my blog posts and don’t forget to read before you make any comments.

That’s all and thank you all for reading my 1st post.

Death signing off^.^