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September 15, 2010 in World 048 News, World News

Once again your vanishing blogger appears to make his presence known to w48 community. I really have to apologize for this late edition and I know an apology won’t be enough this time. So I hope to publish at-least 4 blogs this month and will add the contents we discussed in the external forums via polls as I get them. So this means I won’t be publishing any interview from Rim tribe leaders in this edition.

In this forth edition I will provide a top10 map, few war stats along with an interview.

Will a Super Merge kill this world or not?

In my last edition I have made known that several players debated that this world was a merge world and as such a boring one. But I provided some stats to counter such statements. But now with the formation of the Super Merged tribe like TUNA, the world has turned around and is currently everyone is looking toward their next move as in whether they will become a family tribe by forming an academy with unwanted members for the main tribe or noble them off as easy food and solidification of their existing territory. Either way this new tribe means business or whatever they may do so will affect the world as a whole which will either make them rise on top or fall to the bottom. Only time will tell what unfolds in the future.

Now let’s go and check how the top 10 tribe have been doing this past month with regards to their Total Conquers. There have been a lot of internals going on so the following stats need not show the actual growth of the tribes but merely an assumption.


SubV has been doing well for the past month. But if you check the total conquers of current Top4 tribes you could say that they are not leading by a big margin. Still their war tactics in the Risen war has given them a heads up.

Total conquers:1,286


TUNA, the super merged tribe consisting of players from Quay,~PWN~,!UN! and CRZY has got a considerable total conquers due to the fact that the parent tribe being Quay itself. The merge was started only recently. But looking at the stats it’s as if they have started world domination.

Total conquers:1,196

3) EB-GBs

The north-eastern giant had been keeping up the 2nd spot till TUNA came. But they have got what it takes to be part of the top5 and their conquer rates prove it. It’s true that they haven’t been on major wars. But rumors are spreading that they will make the next move sooner or later and the tribes who are going to be on the receiving end won’t be happy with it.

Total conquers:1,086


Apart from EB-GBs the only tribe who has thrived to show their domination is the rim on the eastern half of w48 is the South-Eastern giant, Brave!.They call themselves as opportunistic tribe and with good cause. For those who don’t know much about how opportunistic they can be what happened to Global and what is happening to Risen are prime examples of their style of play. Their conquer show that they have an iron fist in ruling their dominion even though they are called opportunistic.

Total conquers: 1,071


The Syndicate is one of the 1337 tribes in the  North-Western side of this world. Their long standing war against Khaos is still going on and a second thread was made as an update for their current war stats in the externals. But even with moral issues against Khaos their total conquer rate is at an agreeable level for a top5 tribe

Total conquers:810


Mighty is famously known as the tribe which is landlocked between two top3 tribes, SubV and EB-GBs. Many forum personalities had been wondering about the fate of this tribe for a while now. But crushing all predictions they are still standing where they have been for the past month even though they haven’t gotten hold of any new territory.

Total conquers:578


Former allies of ~PWN~ and now being nicknamed as “those who obey TUNA”  have an impressive record for being a rim tribe. Their total conquers for the past month may not show what they are made of. Still players from MYR5 and BDE can state what we don’t know since they have been on the receiving end.

Total conquers:506


These guys have been relatively quiet in the externals with a few representatives. They haven’t been on any major wars but they can be assumed to be our future Rank6 tribe unless TUNA thinks otherwise.

Total conquers:552


Even though Risen is at war with two of the top5 tribes their total conquers shows that somehow they are holding up their top10 spot.

Total conquers:419


-DIE- is a tribe which was formed on 29th July 2010 – 13:13.But the tribe has raised to the top10 spots lately due to their calculating recruits like MadisonBama. Hence their conquer rates are pretty low for a top10 tribe. Moreover they are right within TUNA’s territory. Hence an unspoken war is taking place for their members

Total conquers:98


Gangbang of Risen

SubV Vs Risen

One of the highlights of w48 for the past month was Risen war. This war is the cream of ice cake if we are to compare it with any wars for the past month. SubV have been able to take away many Risen villages in k55 and k66 and are now in the process of entering Risen’s home Kontinent. Unless some miracle happens the following month will probably be the end of Risen. With no further delay let us take a look at the stats and move forward since there is nothing else to say.

Brave! Vs Risen

Brave! the opportunistic tribe of w48 had also made a move against Risen when SubV made a war declaration. Hence they were also able to grab a few villages although it pales in comparison with SubV. But they were successfully able to gather new territory with such a tactics, hence securing a way for future expansion to the West and the Rim.

EB-GBs stats

EB-GBs has been having two semi-major wars against two tribes-SOB and AND.

SOB chapter

This month probably will be the last we see SOB on the map as they have been getting owned by EB-GBs for some time now. With a land lock between the four major tribes they have no way to get out of this dilemma and are gradually fading away from the map of w48.But the stats from the previous month gives some hope to the said tribe.


A tribe which had risen within the EB-GBs main cluster is being targeted by EB-GBs this past month. So far they haven’t got into any deep trouble and the stats speak for themselves. Still the current situation is not good for AND

eQu War stats

This past month, eQu have been on a semi major war against two tribes -MYR5 and BDE


MYR5 had been taking the beating from eQu but are fighting back even though they are nearly half the size of eQu. But with the formation of TUNA they are effectively blocked within eQu and TUNA on one side and BDE F on the other. Let’s check how well they have fared against eQu for this past month.


The tribe with the most member count in the top20 with 116 members who are followed by TUNA with 115 are none other than BDE. But so far the size factor haven’t helped them much in their war against eQu this past month. But they still have some firepower stored deep inside which can be seen in the war stats

SYN Vs Khaos

This is an old war which has entered its next stage with LegendKiller44’s proclamation that the tides will change to Khaos’s favor. Due to 10 To Ace – In Spades defecting, SYN had been forced to be preoccupied with him for a while. But now that he has hit the delete button, we can assume SYN to war Khaos in full strength and see whether LegendKiller44’s proclamation will come true or not. Stats for the past month are given below

TUNA war stats

TUNA which was formed from the best of 4 tribes in the West are also involved in two semi-major wars against Chosen and -DIE-


Chosen have been doing pretty good against ~PWN~ for some time now. But with ~PWN~ merging to TUNA, they are nearly handicapped and in addition to this, the involvement of eQu who were former allies of ~PWN~ and the only NAP tribe of TUNA is making the situation worse. But they have proved to be a battle hardened tribe in the past and as such we should keep our hope high to see a nice showdown.


War with -DIE- is a silent one since each and every one of -DIE- members are spread within TUNA’s territory. It will be interesting to see how they will fare against the super tribe. War stats for the past month is given below

With this I conclude the war stats of main tribes. On the next edition expect some good features on Rim tribes.


This week we have one of our famous forum posters who manage the Milestone thread. With no further due I would like you to meet Dark T-Rex and I thank him for letting me interview him. The coming week I hope to interview the leader of Chosen and have sent him a mail. Let’s see if he obliges to let me interview him

death: Tell me a bit about yourself before coming to w48 :)

Dark T-Rex: Mmh, my most successful world was W26, where I played as TeBirkis. I had some baron positions through the world, which led me on to being duke on other worlds such as W51, W37 and W48 (Grr!) – But from W26 I have a very good memory of my old tribe there called *DARK* and the later T-Rex that I was co-duke in.

death: How did you come to playing w48?What was the main feature that urged you to play this world?

Dark T-Rex: I wanted to try a world without many people playing it – W47 had just opened with the new army camps, so I figured most people would go there. Which was correct, but they left again, and now W48 is almost full. But yeah, I wanted to try it, and wanted to stay tribe-less for some time and I wanted to try and have a steady forum presence.

death: Which was the church world you played prior to w48?

Dark T-Rex: I was on W30, which was the first world with churches, for a short time, but left it again before I learned the system. I’ve gotten the hang  of it on W48 though.

death: so now that you have been playing for the past 5-6 months. What is your opinion about this world? Can you give me a few pros and cons?

Dark T-Rex: Sure. The major pro is the forums on W48, always been a joy. But also that there are still a lot of tribes around, that could do harm to anybody, if not win. The cons are not many. For me the biggest con is K55. It’s been stuffed with Flame people since early times, and now there’s a lack of targets :'(

death: since you yourself are a  k55 player. What will be your suggestion to this con?

Dark T-Rex: I got to find a new area to set up a chunk of villages. Pretty simple I guess – but the 1K noble rule makes it a pain

death: In the externals there are mixed opinions about the current noble distance. Which side are you in? Yes to current settings or no?

Dark T-Rex: Yes. You join the world with certain settings, and as such it should continue

death: What is your say in players calling this world a merge world?

Dark T-Rex: It’s a natural thing to merge tribes as the world progress. There have been some major merges yes, but I don’t find it unnaturally that many mergers happen.

death: You have been an active forum poster from the start of this world. So can you share your views about the tribe which was No: 1 for the 1st month?

Dark T-Rex: No: 1 as in the best one? CLEAN by far which was why I applied. Twice. And got denied. Twice. Before I was actively recruited lol! CLEAN for sure I’d say, and quite a few of them lingered on for some time, before inactivity slowly took them :(

death: What about No: 1 as in most points within the 1st month?

Dark T-Rex: I believe CLEAN gained it within the month. But in the very start I believe there where mass recruiting tribes called Enemy? and TK that had their 15 minutes of fame

death: What about TITAN Family?

Dark T-Rex: Well yes TITAN was a major player from week 2 or so. They spawned quite a few tribes after they crumbled, and sparked many debates on the externals. You got to give TITAN some credit, albeit they both had family and where mass recruiters. They did maintain top spot for quite some time, and proved hard to break down.

death: Now to the back to our present condition. Is this world exciting? If not what is required for this world to be more exciting?

Dark T-Rex: Strippers. For sure. Ahem. Well I think the world need one of the two major tribes, SubV and EB-GBs, involved in wars – not against each other, just some larger scale war. We haven’t really seen wars spending over most of the world yet

death: Can you share your secret of success within the externals to other forum posters?

Dark T-Rex: Don’t flame too much, have your serious moments and do PnPs that are worth the effort ^.^ Oh and handle the milestones thread!

death: Is there anything else you would like to add before we close this interview?

Dark T-Rex: Yes, Dinoes rock. Period.

Comic Corner

This weeks comic is contributed by James LaFleur